Max size of a file system on Sun

Can anyone tell me what the maximum size for a single file system is on Solaris 7 please?

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Since Solaris 7 includes the Large File Summit extensions, it should, in theory, support filesystems (and even individual files) that are as large as 2^63-1, or about 8388607 terabytes.

In practice, they'e probably only tested up to a few terabytes in their labs, so they probably won't claim to officialy support more than that, but I couldn't find such limitation claims on their web site.

Interesting side note: at about $50/gig including cabinetry, etc. 2^63-1 bytes of disk costs around $500 billion.  And at about a terabyte per floor tile (or .25 terabytes/sqft), would take up 33 million square feet.  On the other hand, with disk capacity doubling about every two years, it will only be $15 billion and 1 million square feet in ten years.

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