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I am a complete novice when it comes to setting up and maintaining a web site.

I would like to set up a website for my students to check their grades, print a syllabus from a website, and e-mail me if they need assistance.

However, because of my lack of knowledge, is there someone who can tell me how to go about doing this in a painless manner; i.e. what steps are involved?

Any information that would help me to complete my objective would be appreciated.

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these are the reuired items you will need assuming you are a novice...

1. You will need a server this is a place to store your information for everyone to view to your website. I am assuming that you should have one available to you if teach at a college. To have this part setup you would want to consult the technology department they could set up the server

If the technology department does not have a server you will have to get one from a company such as http://www.ait.com  cost is usually about 15.00 to 25.00 per month + one time setup fee there are alot of server companies out there just do a search on servers

If you were to get a server with ait.com
you would be listed as
Unless you register with internic
which costs $70.00 for two years that gives you a domain name where your students could just type

You can also go to a website that hosts for free such as http://www.geocities.com
but your web address would be

as you can see it would be a long name the athens/cyprus is the directory on the server you are located at.

the advantage to geocities is although it is slow it is free and also it comes with a free HTML editor see below for desciption

next step is to actually create the website seeing as how you do not know HTML you will need a WYSIWYG HTML editor in other words a What You See IS What You Get HTML editor

These are pay for HTML editors you have to buy the program or it came with your computer

Microsoft Frontpage (by far the easiest it is alot like microsoft word point and click type interface)it comes with office 2000 professional
but frontpage 97 or 98 would cost about 130.00 microsoft  did not bundle it with office in the 97 & 98 versions

Microsoft Frontpage Express this program is found in microsoft word it is the toolbar at the top of microsoft word see microsoft word help topics for a description and how to use it

Macromedia Dreamweaver is a good program but you should know a little HTML with this program I particullary don;t like it because I am use to running windows programs cost is about 200.00

free html editors

With alot of sites that are free like angelfire.com, geocities.com and so forth they included a free editor like the above only in a simplied version.

Once you have chosen your html editor it depends on your next step

if you have chosen one of the ones that is not supplied by the website that is giving you server space (hosting you) then you will have to upload files VIA an ftp or a program that is provided by the server that is hosting you.

If you have chosen to use a company like geocities or so forth for the html editor you will not have do any uploading and your web page will de displayed as soon as you save the changes.

Geocities gives you about 15MB of space to store your webpages on. Typically each htm document is about 1 to 2k in size very small it takes 1024k to = 1mb so you can see how small this is if you were to write up something in word and post it up on your site for downloading such as a microsoft word document it would be probably be only 100k in size if that depending on what you have done in word with formatting options and also how many pages it is.
so once again you have quite a bit of space to play with and it would be free.

If you do not want everyone seeing your website though you should elect for it to be hidden in geocities if you go with them. Also if this is like private data or personal information you may want to setup a password program this might be a little difficult setting up being new to the net but http://www.coffeecup.com
has an excellent javascript password program it is not 100% protection but it will help from people viewing sensitive material be aware though some people could break through this if you are going to post confidential items that need to stay confidential then you will need a server with an SSL (secure socket layer ) which encrypts the data but that jumps the price quite a bit for the server and then you would have to hire someone to setup password security system (then you have to hire a programmer)

Hopefully this has answered all your questions.
You may want to look into getting some books the dummies series books are very good for people just starting out.

There is an internet for dummies that will give you a better idea of the internet in general I am almost certain they have one on building websites

If you feel like learning HTML lanuage (hyper text markup language) then I would get HTML 4.0 for dummies.

In addition here are some websites that may further answer your question

here is a site to get website tools for free from creating graphics to page editors like frontpage


You may also want to check out ziff davis net they make all the windows magazines  do a search on building webpages or webpage design

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perezmAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I really appreciate the help.  I see that I have a lot of homework to do.
If you go to geocities that is pretty easy the hardest part is planning out your page and if you want it secure or that so any joe out on the net can view it that is the major thing you have to define first in your case then the cost factor i would say would be next then the actual designing stage would be next. Hopefully this information has cut out some of your homework
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