Linux for visual effects

Im looking for information on companies using Linux for visual effects used in the movie industry. Ive already contacted Digital Domain....any others out there?  What's the argument for using Linux OS? What applications are being run on Linux for visual effects?
This is for a research paper, any help or point in the right direction will help!
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 i don't know exactly what you call "visual effect",
but i think blender is a good startpoint.
  blender is a 3d modellig/animation software so powerful
as 3dstudio, and i've heard something that neogeo
has used it for some projects.


Try, they're currently working
on several movie-effects programs.  I think they
port most of their programs to Linux.
What are the arguments for using Linux for visual effects?

LINUX is a Clone of UNIX.
Until Windows NT took a share of the market
UNIX was THE OS for high end graphics rendering software.

Blender is a good place to start for freeware that does visual effects but the big hollywood animation houses are gonna be using Silicon Graphics workstations running the IRIX version of UNIX and the software they run on top of the IRIX OS is gonna be something like "houdini" .. Very expensive 3D rendering and modelling programs. It is my understanding that untill NT came along that market was controlled by UNIX.

SGI nearly went broke when they tried to move from IRIX(UNIX) to NT(MS) they recently made a big move to linux.

Do a web search for houdini, take a look at videography or some other video/graphics/film magazines. Find a usenet newsgroup on the topic of 3d special effects. I think you will find your answers there.

Also the ease of distributed computing and clustering favor the use of linux as a special effects solution.

Stability , Robustness, clustering ability, history of UNIX tools in the field all combine to make linux a great OS for high end graphics rendering and processing.

Desktop special effects are a recent development due to the increased speed of machines. The big jobs where and probably still are done on unix machines.

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