best first computer for older person

My Mom is 70 and we want to get her a computer so that she can e-mail all of her kids and explore the internet. We are trying to find something that will be easy enough for her to use so that she won't get frustrated. A laptop would be nice because it won't take over her house but we need to find one that is easy to read and has a decent sized keypad. Is there such a thing?
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Check at the Compaq website

They build good computers for newbee's

you can also have a look at dell's website

you will also get a good support, if something doesnt work.
Purchase a Dell, they have great support and there stuff is talored to your needs.  Also if you want to make things REALLY simple for her purchase IBM ViaVoice Millenium Pro Edition.  As fast as you talk it types.  Anything you can do with the Keyboard and mouse you have do with your voice VERY fast.  Don't let anyone tell you different because I use it and I have installed it everyone's computer that I know and They have told me its great.  If you want technical help with purchasing a computer email me.

names Aaron

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