Plextor CD-R 8/20 drive

I recently upgraded to a highly recommended Plextor CD-R 8/20 drive.
It works beautifully with software that
I obtained for WinNT but I haven't
managed to find a way to use it in
Linux. I have Mandrake 6.1 on my system.

xcdroast won't recognize the drive.

Has anyone successfully installed software in Linux that permits the use
of this drive?
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tq3407Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi try this.  the xcdroast program is designed to detect and use SCSI devices.  You will need to recompile the kernel to turn on IDE-SCSI Emulation.  log in as root go to the usr/src/linux directory by using the following command. cd /usr/src/linux.  If in X type in this command make xconfig.  This should build the xconfig interface.  In here you need to set these options to enable the IDE-SCSI emulation. IDE/ATAPI CD rom support n, SCSI emulation y, Generic SCSI support y, SCSI CD Rom support  y,SCSI support  y.  then select save and exit.  Then type in the following commands make dep;make clean;make bzImage;make modules;make modules_install.  When it's done, you should have a new kernel to use with the system.  It will be located in the /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot directory.  move this file to the /boot directory. Edit the Lilo.conf file in the /etc directory run Lilo to set up the Lilo with the new kernel configuration.  Then reboot.  After you have rebooted and have logged in as root. Try running xcdroast again.  Your drive should be listed in there now.  You will also need to adjust where you mount onto the drives.  The new hardware dev mount point will be in the /dev/scd0 through /dev/scd9 range.  Put in a known good cd into the drive and try to mount them.  Give this this a try and let us know how this works.  By the way if you are using Mandrake 6.1, when you try to make the xconfig interface and come into errors, remove the folowing line out of the make files on the system.  Perferred stack boundries=2.

pe090298Author Commented:
Thanks Marshall!

I'm all set now.

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