windows NT upgrade

I have upgraded form win95 to NT. In doing so I had to create a dual boot and put the NT files on the F: partition of my hard drive.
I have got everything working and now want to get rid of 95 and format the C: drive to NTFS.
What are the likely implications for the computer i.e with regard to registry settings etc?
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NenadicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't format C: drive to NTFS, but you can rather convert it.

What you should do is delete the WINDOWS directory, then boot into NT. The syntax for conversion is:
It will ask you to reboot the system so that it can convert the partition.

Afterwards, you might want to edit your BOOT.INI file to remove the entry for Windows95.
What you should do is start new.  You can only get rid of win98 only if winNT is installed on the primary partition.  WinNT must be on the primary partition for it to work.  Now thats out of the way we can get started answering your question.  Win98 and WinNT do not work together, they don't share a thing.  If you want NT to be exactly like 98 in regards to registry settings, you can't.  NT works differently then 95 or 98.  Start from a clean install and get rid of 98 and install NT as the primary operating system (like you should have from the start).  Hopes this helps you
graphics_itAuthor Commented:
This would be a great suggestion if it had been possible to start with a clean install however that option was not available. Nenadic's proposal seems like a better option, Cheers for your thoughts though
graphics_itAuthor Commented:
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