SCSI Cable Required For HP 6350C

Please advise the actual SCSI cable type required for HP Scanjet 6350C and the port to which cable should be connected to.

Computer: Maple Minerva Pentium 200
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SCSI cables are generic. Only thing that you need to plug it into a scsi card, and set the address, which is done on the card itself. I really do not have much experience with them, although I have two SCSI devces. My scanner for example has a terminator attached to it. These are normally daisy chained, then the last item uses a terminator.
The SCSI cable that is required is dependent on the SCSI card that you are trying to connect the scanner to.  If you are thinking that you do not know what kind of SCSI card you have, or even if you have a SCSI card, then be assured, you don't.  While many SCSI scanners come with a SCSI card, I am almost postive that the 6350C does not.

I believe that the 6350C is USB compatible also.  If you have a USB port, that might be a lot easier.  There is a good chance that your computer has a USB port, even if the port is not hooked up.  If you need information on what to look for, ask.

If you want to get a SCSI board to connect the scanner, the best brand is Adaptec.  Although most any SCSI card should work, the cheaper, and slower the card, the less chance that you will have problems.  The higher end SCSI cards can be too fast for scanners (which are quite slow for the interface).

A slower, older ISA SCSI card (such as an Adaptec 1540, 1520, or 1510) will take a 50 pin Centronix type of connector on the computer side.  The Centronix connector is what your parallel printer uses, but larger.  The scanner probably uses the same, although some scanners require a 25 pin male DB connector.  It will look like the connector that the printer cable plugs into the computer.  If you get a new PCI SCSI card like the Adapter 2910 or 2920, you will probably need a 25 pin connection on the computer side.

As I said, the cable you need depends on what SCSI card you have or get.  

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