Why the green screen?

Recently my quadra 660av has been intermittently displaying a greenish screen. I've had this computer and monitor for years and this just started.
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Couple of things may be happening. First, make sure that the cable to your monitor is secure, Both at the computer end and monitor end. If it is secure, you might try a cable from another monitor if you can since it's possible there's a problem with the cable. Unfortunately some cables are built into the monitor so you may not have this option.

If that's OK it may be a sign that one of your "guns" is going bad. Each monitor uses 3 electron guns, each one emitting one color. If one of these guns goes out, you see strange colors: different color depending on which gun goes out. If this is the case, not a whole lot you can do but either go to a repair shop or get a new monitor.
BTW, the monitor guns are red, green, and blue light. If it looks green, it may mean that the blue light has gone out. There's an actually an article just about your problem located at the link below. Looks like they give pretty much the same diagnosis I did.



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There's actually a whole slew of questions nearly identical to yours. All have the same general answers but you might want a look. In the first link you will see a list of "FAQs", several of which are related to your problem. The other two are links on that page that I thought were of particular interest to your case.



Note: You can't just click on the first link. See how the "=" at the very end is not highlighted? Well, it should be part of the link. I guess you can click on it then enter the "=" at the end of the address. The other two you should be able to click on directly.
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