Corrupt index???

suddenly a table with which work marks to the error corrupt index! as it can be the cause? this table has but of 2500 registries  
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DGNConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had same problem with a small application I wrote last year. It happended two times within one year, but only at the users, not by me. I was not able to reproduce error and I gave that repair program to the users.

It looks like a small bug, happening sometimes if table is opened
by some users at the same time. (Don't know any special reason)

At that time I found in Borland newsgroups (don't remember where exeactly):
If you dont like to repaire it with a separate programm, You can rewrite the table by yourself if error comes up.

1) copy table to somewhere
2) delete table
3) create table
4) copy from somewhere

but I don't think that this would answer your question.

Is this a Paradox table?
jara_vlaAuthor Commented:
yes is paradox table
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You can download a repair programm for paradox tables. It's Freeware.

please look at

jara_vlaAuthor Commented:
thank you very much Gunther, but I want to know that it is what can cause that the table corrupts, to be able to optimize my program so that does not return to happen, has  to do the version of the BDE? or as they can be the possible causes?
jara_vlaAuthor Commented:
ok thanks Gunther!! :)
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