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On a non cookie login sessions how can I implement a way in which a user when he/she clicks a link to logout I will remove also the history stack entries on the browser so that the are no dangers of someone coming and view all the pages and areas visited by the first user?
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You can not.    For a particular browser you may be able to, but you have no idea what browser the user is using, and there is no standard "clear history".  You could sort of do it by flooding the history with other pages by setting up pages that called other pages from JavaScript or Meta Refreshes but this would probably annoy people a great deal and may not even work.

Remember that even without cookies, if the pages are protected by the User/Name password authentication method they will not, or at least should not, be available if you de-authenticate, which is done by setting a bad authentication response.

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crush_Of_HeartsAuthor Commented:
can't i access the history object if javascript and have a code to clear it, or at least have a way of not stacking the pages in the history least at all?
crush_Of_HeartsAuthor Commented:
Thats a comprehnsive answer since am a at this CGI thing how can I de-authenticate i.e how can I send bad auth. response can i have a detail on that?
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