10/100 network on Beige G3?

I've recently installed an auto-config 10/100Base T switch, intending to connect my new G4 with my Beige G3 and the 1998 G3 Powerbook, both of which are 'supposed' to have 10/100base-T capability. However, neither of the older machines configures at 100base-T.

I'm using fully certified Cat 5 cables, and the G4 comes up with a full duplex 100b-T connection. I noted a 'Enet Speed and Duplexer Tool" at Apple's web site, but this only works with the Blue&White G3 and Bronze Powerbooks!

Any ideas greatly appreciated!
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Heres news...The beige G3 only has 10bt. as does the 1998 powerbook. It cannot communicate at 100bt because its built in ethernet is only 10bt..it cant communicate higher than what it has built in. So youre out of luck unless you put a 100bt card in your beige which still leaves your powerbook at 10bt.

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BTW i dont know who told you the beige G3 and the '98 PB had 100bt but theyre wrong..heh
peterfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the wakeup!

Must have been dreaming ;-)

Heh, indeed!
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