Is it possible to load Win NT SP6, Windows 98 (SE), and Linux 6.1 on the same system, on the same HDD?  If so in what order should I load the OS's and how?
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adam923Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Install 98 on to a partition that's half the size of your hd.  Then install NT to this same partition, it will automatically set up dual-boot with 98.
Now install Linux, creating its partition in the empyt space.  Install LILO to the MBR and add an entry in LILO for the windows partition.
Now when the system boots you'll choose windows or linux, if you choose windows you can choose between nt and 98
thwipAuthor Commented:
I have found the Win98/NT dual boots to be a bit flaky.  If you have the disk space, I highly recommend installing them separately.
Do you have more than one HD?  If you do, you can make NT much happier.   NT can be very cranky at times when you put it on something that isn't the first drive letter (c).  I have had it running on other drive letters, but there are usually some things that don't like it.  NT is also notorious for hating other OS's boot loaders.
If I had 2 hard drives and I was installing the 3, here is what I would do.
1. Think about how much space you need for various things.  Remember, you can spread linux very easily across several partitions.
2.  Install 98 on the first drive, in the first partition.
3.  Disable that drive in the BIOS or unplug it.
4.  Install NT on the second drive, on its first partition.  
5.  Enable the first drive again.
6.  Install linux wherever you have some free space.  It will boot from anywhere.
7.  Boot into linux.  
8.  Edit your /etc/lilo.conf file
     There should already be an entry here for linux, leave that alone.  There should also be an entry for Win98.  If there isn't, add one.  It will look like this:
other = /dev/hda1
     You also need to add an entry for NT.  This will fool it into thinking it is master of the universe and still on the first drive.
   map-drive=0x80 to=0x81
   map-drive=0x81 to=0x80

I like this configuration for several reasons.  First, it will allow you to boot NT.  Secondly, if LILO ever goes haywire and you NEED to get to NT or 98 it is easy to do.  To get to NT, you just remove the first hard drive again and NT will probably boot.  If you ever NEED to get to 98, you boot do a dos floppy and fdisk /mbr the first drive.  This will boot 98.  Then you can use your Linux rescue diskette later to fix Lilo.
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thwipAuthor Commented:
You da man!!  Thanks for the help.  I guess I am on OS overload.  If you have any info on the evil of NT wanting the MBR let me know.  I know that I have to work around that.


i have lilo in my mbr and it cooperates with nt just fine
thwipAuthor Commented:
yeah but I remember hearing that NT need to be loaded a specific way.  The load is quite dufferent from using FIPS on 98.  I could be wrong.
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