Internet configuration msn

    Redhat 6.1, kern 2.2, KDE desktop, MSN intenet access, the modem is recognized.
     I run FPPP and setup account what does all this gibberish mean (ie static/dynnamic IP address)
     In other words, what do I put in the different tabs to have my password, IP providor and other relevant info passed.

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Milo5255Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
Use netcfg to setup the different hosts etc.

On the first tab you have to enter the nameservers from your provider (MSN).

Next, on the Interface tab, add a ppp device. Edit the device and type in the modem port you use (ttyX) on the hardware tab. On the communication tab you type in the phonenumber and modem dial command (ATDT).

I will asume that you provider uses PAP, therefore type in your username and password in the PAP tab.

And then you are finished :-)


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what is the ip address for MSN ???????? I am trying to connect both from msn and worldnet. doesn't work. ??

Adjust your points!! there is an easy way .. in LinuxConf
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