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What is the best video card?
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Now if that's not a question with no real answer I don't know what is. There is no "best" video card. Depends on a lot of things such as what you plan on doing with it: playing games, office applications, high-end graphics, etc..., as well as how much you want to spend. Even then there is no real answer but a bunch of opinions. Personally the card I have is an ATI all-in-wonder pro coupled with a Pure 3D Voodoo II 3dfx video card and I'm pretty happy. I like the ATI card because I get several features like watching TV, video capture, TV out, etc... It has 3d capability too but the 3dfx card gives extra 3d capability for gaming. If I was buying again I would personally stay with pretty much the same thing. ATI has a all-in-wonder 128 out now which is a little newer and I would get a voodoo III card rather than a voodoo II but personally I like what I have.
As for you, you might want something totally different though. Personally I like to watch tv while surfing the web. If you want better gaming though, Diamond has a new Viper card that is supposed to be great.
Explain your you plan on doing with it and how much you want to spend. I imagine others here would like to give their opinions too but without knowing what you are doing with it's hard to give much of an answer.
If you want to see magazine reviews and such on the subject, check out this web site.
I would recommend the new chipset video cards from NVIDIA, called the geforce, these are going to rock. the is strickly for gamers though. there will be many end manufacturers, that is what I recommend the chipset and not any particular brand ....yet.
well The GeForce256 (its proper name) is Nvidias new chip but I think that the VooDoo would be the way to go especialy because it supporst more RAM and SLI mode wich lets you use 2 ore more of them on the same task but right now I would say its the Nvidia GeForce 256 go to they have low prices

Good Luck
Best Video Card?.. It's the one that will come out in 6 months... and then the one that would come out after another 6 months.. you'll have to upgrade every 6 months in order to stay with the technology or atleast update the driver for your video card in order to display the textures for new games properly. GeForce256 is currently the best video card, but the new 3dfx (coming out in 2000) would be much better. It is up to what you are using it for actually. If you want it for games, 3dfx is the one for you with the speed and support from almost all the new games coming out.

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