Go to and click ont he logo. Why dont the frames load there?
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After looking at the code, I'm kind of at a loss.  You have no required tags, like <html>, <head>, </head>, or </html>.  Also, in your frameset, you specify only one frame.  

I clicked on the link, and your biggest problem is you have the refresh set to 0  for the same page.  This means that as soon as the page hits that code, it will automatically refresh, hence, never allowing the page to load.

If you are trying to get the effect of no caching, try using <meta http-equiv="no-pragma">, or using an expire date of January 1, 1970.

But to answer your question, it's the refresh set to 0 that's killing you.

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kinger2000Author Commented:
What do you mean refresh set to 0 where is that at?
Working my way through your site using the sources, (yes, I found newframe.html), here is the code I got:


<title>| 3 1 1 t 3 |</title>

<body bgcolor="black" link="orange" vlink="orange" text="gray">

<frameset cols="9%,50%" border="3">
<frame src="left.html">
<frame src="main.html"name="main">


First, lets get rid of the <body> tag above the frameset.  The <body> tag isn't needed unless you are going to display a <noframes> page.

Second, are you sure those are the right measurements?  The frames are going to need to take up 100% of the browser.  Either go with "9%,*" or "*,50%".  
Click on the image, then view the source through "EDIT".  In there, you will see:

<meta http-equiv=refresh content="0; url=">
kinger2000Author Commented:
Thank you... I have fixed the problem! It was the body tag.
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