using a boot-disk to install,cd-rom&win.98

booting win98 from win98 setup-disk.First I have to boot cd-rom from setup-disk.I need instructions including all prompts,commands,ect. in other words I need to be walked through it from inserting the setup-disk to the point where I start loading win98 off the CD. I know this might seam easy to some but I'v been using a MAC for the past 3yrs.
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If you have Win98 bootdisk then just boot with it in and when given the choice select "with CD-Rom support" when you get to the a prompt just type in the letter for your CD-Rom (plus one letter to allow for the partition the bootdisk adds) and type setup or what ever command you need to start the install

This assumes you do not need to format, fdisk, or do anything else before you install Windoze
If You have the Driver file for the CD-rom then you can do it.

IF you have nec_ide.sys file and mscdex.exe files you can boot CD-Rom from startup disk.

Edit your autoexec.bat file and add this command
a:\msedex.exe /d:chester
and Edit your confis.sys and add this one
device=a:\nec_ide.sys /d:chester /v

but, for this you must have both(nec_ide.sys, msedex.exe files in bootdisk)driver files.

Thats   it.
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kd7doaAuthor Commented:
I got win98 loaded!The place where I was prompt (A:\E:\dir "enter"and it should have been (A:\E: "enter" (E:\DIR "enter"     no comment or ansewer or link helped me I brought my computer into work and the
last programer here,in 30sec. got win98 loading.I'm the security guard here,and this office is closing the first of the year.The help I needed was on the keyboard I don't do DOS but I guess I'll learn.Thanks for trying.
If you would reread my comment made on Saturday, December 04 1999 - 09:10PM EST  That is exactly what I told you to do.

"when you get to the a prompt just type in the letter for your CD-Rom"   and  "type setup or what ever command you need to start the install"

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In case you didn't know it the a prompt is "A:"
If there was something you didn't understand then you should have asked, You asked the question on Dec 3 and no comment from you until Dec 8
Just follow the steps below:
1) Make sure you have WIn98 Setup Disk.
2) Insert your Win98 Setup Disk and restart you computer.
3) Choose Startup with CD-ROM when prompt.
4) After wait for a while, your computer is already success start.
5) The Win98 Startup Disk will create a virtual drive that located at "D:". So, your CD-Rom drive will be located at "E:".
6) So, Now you can start use your cd-rom. Just type "E:" at "A:\" then press enter.
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