visual basic object

what is vbe object?explain detail.

what is vbProjects Collection?

I Have Created Project Group With multiple project So , Is It is possible to Load Another Project's Form From My current Project?
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VBE and the vbProjects collection are things you would use if you were creating a VB Add-in tool.  The VBE is the extensibility model used to perform that task and the VBPROJECTS collection is a collection of all the projects that are currently loaded into the IDE that you can inspect from within an add-in tool.  And, I don't believe it has anything to do with your last question.

The point of a project group is so that you can bring several projects that might interact with each other, as DLL'S that are referenced and debug.  

You can load and manipulate forms from other dlls (don't think in terms of projects in this regard...the project is just a code container while you are developing and the group is just a higher level container).  You do, however, have to do it through a class object you create in the target DLL.  

This can get a little complicated to explain...and no offense but for 10 points I am not going to offer a dissertation, but to reference a form from another DLL it must be wrapped in a publically creatable class that you can make a reference to in your source "hosting" code.  Once the reference is made, that object then is your gateway to controlling the form you want to display.  That is an oversimplification but is how this can be accomplished.  I do it all the time.

My recommendation, however, is to avoid it whenever possible.  Remember the "spirit" of COM is extensibility.  If you lock a form into a DLL and wrap an object around it to gain access, that form is fairly rigid in what you can do with it...especially later in the development cycle when compatibility issues arise.  You would be better off creating a series of objects that give you the information you need to populate visual controls in a host application instead.

Ok, that was a little more lengthly than I expected but I wanted to make sure you understood what I was trying to get across.  Hope it helps.

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