IDE Problem

What's the problem if i Compiled and Build i program and i'll get an ERROR 'IDE not detected'?

there is no error if delphi is running.
there is also no error if delphi is running and then running the builded executeble program, and then closing delphi. Then the program is able to run whithout returning the error.
when i close the program and want to run it again the error returns.

Is this problem a comonent problem?
How can i solve this problem so i can run my program whithout running delphi first?
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WilkoMVAuthor Commented:
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OK.  This should have really been posted in the Delphi forum, but I'll tell you what's happening.

As you probably know, there is various forms of software distribution - freeware, shareware, commercial, "beerware" etc.  Quite often, software authors will write a component which is trialware, meaning you are free to trial the software, but not redistribute it without first paying for it.

The error you are getting is saying that the newly added VCL will not run without having Delphi's IDE (Intergrated Development Environment) open.  In other words, to use this component, you must have Delphi running.

The only fix for this is either pay for the component or remove it from your application (which requires rewriting your source code).

I know this probably isn't the answer you wanted, but this is exactly what is happening.

Just out of curiosity, what is the component you are using?



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