I have a Pentium which I use and an old notebook (i486, 4Mb memory). Can I make it work as terminal?
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Yes you can but not just like that.  They have to be connected through a local network and it won't work with win95/98.  I think you can do it with NT 4 and propably with linux.  

You should be able to do it with a serial null modem cable and communication software on both units.  Quarterdeck's Procomm Plus should give you the ability to run one unit as a terminal of the other.  But if you want to be able to run software remotely, you need a program like Norton-Lambert's Close-up, Symantic's Pcanywhere, or Microcom's Carbon Copy. Those programs are usually marketed in a host/remote set.

But the easiest is to share the computers over a network with a couple of ethernet cards and a networking operating system.  If you are the only user, I would suggest using Windows 98. Windows 95 and NT will both work as will Linux or any other Unix. your choice of operating system depends on your application.

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SternAuthor Commented:
Sweston, I'm new and may set dummy questions. Why can't I run WinNT? I use Pentium and want somebody else to be able to do something on notebook.
We all have learning to do.  The only dumb question is the one that goes unasked.
You can run Windows NT or Windows 95 or 98.  In all three you can "share" your hard drive and another computer can access your computer.  You need to attach the computers.  For this you will need an ethernet card (network interface card or NIC) in each computer and a cable.
You also need to set up the network software in each computer:
Client: Microsoft Networks
Protocol: Netbui
Protocol: TCP/IP (optional)
Service: File & Printer Sharing
Don't go out to buy NT just because you are going to set up a network.  Windows peer-to-peer network might work just fine for what you are doing.
SternAuthor Commented:
Thank you, Sweston.
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