Works fine with isql but powerbuilder datawindow gives error

This script works fine when i run it with isql and gives me result
but when i run this script on powerbuilder database painter or datawindow it give error

"Incorrect syntax near '2'.
Select ..................................

The select is

SELECT a.comments,  
cc_paid = ( SELECT sum(payment_amount)
                       FROM Invoice,   Payments
                      WHERE ( Invoice.vendor_no = Payments.vendor_no ) and  
                            ( Invoice.invoice_number = Payments.invoice_number ) and  
                            ( Invoice.order_number = Payments.order_number )  
                   GROUP BY Invoice.order_number, Payments.fund_key  
                     HAVING ( Invoice.order_number = Encumbered_Funds.order_number ) and
                            ( Payments.fund_key = a.fund_key))
    FROM Encumbered_Funds  a
   WHERE a.order_number = "111"
ORDER BY Encumbered_Funds.fund_key ASC  

The whole select statement is repeated in the eroor message.
Please do help me.I have see this problem when i use a nested query in my  slect statment.I cannot change the select statement for the datawindow.Only powerbuilder gives the problem
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It happens to with me sometimes ..Just try to leave space at the end of each line in the select statement.It might seem silly but it usually works.
ajith_29Author Commented:
I tried it did not work
You may have done this, but it is not in your sample:  put a semi-colon at the end

and ... begin each line with a space or tab (same as rejected answer, but insures there are whitespaces)

and finally as a last result ...  this absolutely will work

create a database view and select from the view in your datawindow
If you use a Sybase native db interface (SYC, SYD or SYJ drivers), try to use the 'ModifySyntax=0' DBParm.

When executing a query, PowerBuilder queries Sybase metadata and some times modifies a where clausule to get better performance. The 'ModifySyntax' prevents such behaviour and might help you.

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