IE5 starts to load up after boot-up

When I boot up Win95,IE5 starts to load up.  It then displays the page cannot be displayed.  There is nothing relating to IE5 in the start up.

However, if I double click to open IE5 it opens and connects ok.
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If you're confortable with regedit, run regedit and go to
see if there anything to do with IE5 and the page it keeps trying to open at start up. If you're certain that is it, delete the value.
Do this only if you know what you're doing. You should make a back up for registry first.

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JsculforAuthor Commented:
I have looked in regedit, the folder recommended, but there is nothing listed for IE5.

I updated IE5 from IE4 and since then the problem has occured.

The properties from the cannot page are: res://c:\windows\system\shdoclc.dll/dnserror.htm#res://ie4tour.dll/welco

There is still some IE4 folders/files on the hard drive, do you think this could be the cause of the problem and if so, how can we get rid of them saftely.  I have MCafee Unistaller.
What is the home page of your IE5 set to? not this IE4 welcoming page?

Looks like it is trying to open the welcoming page from IE4.
Try running regedit and do EDIT / FIND find ie4tour.dll or welco. If it's there, you should be able to delete it quite safely.

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