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CSS and IE5

I'm having trouble using the line-height tag of CSS1.
It works fine in Netscape, but it doesn't work with Explorer. Is there an alternative for line spacing in IE ?
the code is:
<p style='line-height: 1.2;'>

And why table background images make IE freeze for so many time before the page is displayed ?

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1 Solution
hey dude,

why not go as followed:

    line-height: 1.2;

if just using "line-height: 1.2;" doesn't help try using px, pt or pct after 1.2

The problem You describe for IE with table background images, is new to me...could You give me a line of code to work with?

Personally i don't have any problems using the line-height attribute..

to complement this answer here's a list of availability of the line height attribute for You...

Windows 95/98/NT

line-height (normal):
Should work in all browsers (including MAC versions...

line-height (<number>):
Works partial in NS4, not at all in IE3 for PC, and partial in NS4 (Mac) and is buggy for IE3 (Mac)...works fine in other browser versions.

line-height (<length>):
Buggy for NS4 (PC), NS4 (Mac) and IE3 (Mac) works fine in any other browser.

line-height (<percentage>):
Works partially in NS4 (PC), NS4 (Mac), and is buggy in IE3 (Mac), works fine on any other browsers.

I hope this solves Your problem...
good luck.

Max Davidse
ewarningAuthor Commented:
I already tried that, the pt and px after 1.2 and
it didnt work neither. I ll try again with pct.

about the background, its something like: (not using
<body background=image.gif>

    <td background=pixel.gif>
      Hello, world!!

the pixel.gif is 2 or 3 pixels height, and
1 of them is transparent.

The thing You might want to do....and i know this sounds strange, is make the image bigger...

The thing is that when You load a pixel size give in Your table background it has to paste this image multiple times to fill it's background.

Now if You use a bigger background image it doesn't have to load it several times to display...which makes the loading much faster...

good luck hope it helps You...

Max Davidse

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