How to put site into the internet

Having completed the conversion process I decides to create a web site to both advertise and sell my pictures I have took. I has already made the decision taht the site should be located on an ISP. Outline the stages which I would need to go through to get the site fully functional.
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1. get your web address for example
2. Create you web page, the easiest is by Frontpage Express that comes free with IE5. It is very easy no need to know any html. It is what you see is what you get type. Save your web page file as index.html
3. There will be lots of way to publish your page on your site, I use ws_ftp you can download free from
There is facilities that comes with IE and Netscape as well if you want to investigate. But I found ws_ftp is easy straightforward to edit the webpage.
I hope this is the sort of thing you want to have some idea of.


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You need an account on your ISP. They'll give you the address/Account Name/Password for the FTP. You deliver your web page content to that site along with all graphics, etc.

You don't actually have to get the web address from Internic (and pay the $70US fee). Your ISP will give you an address that is off their primary address. You only need to go to the expense of registering your own domain if you want people to be able to think you're at the top of the food chain. For example my site is hosted by CyberChute and therefore my web address is the cumbersome:

instead of the sleek and personalized:

Once you have created your web page (for help on that look in the Front Page and HTML forums) you use the FTP program (another source is to transfer your files onto the host. Once the files have been saved there anyone in the world can visit your site.

There are also sites where you can sign up for hit counters (, guestbooks, etc. These sites give you snippets of HTML to add to your page that add those functions. You simply copy/paste. There are other sites that will review your HTML code for accuracy, completeness, etc. Finally there are sites that you can submit your site to so that the various search engines can find you. Yahoo, Lycos, etc. will all accept site submissions.

Have fun!

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