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I want to buy a portable mp3 player - but the prices for the removable media (thats stores the mp3's) seem really high.  Are they set to come down as in England it is about $150 for a 64mb card. Any advice and giudance as to the possible options and prospects for mp3 players and especially the memory prices would be really helpful.

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Hi, this a exerpt I got from C-Net.  I though it may help you...

Things to look for when buying a MP3 player.

1. Memory
More memory means more music; it's as simple as that.  

2. Transfer Rate
In this day and age, speed is important. Keep an eye out for players with a high transfer rate per second, and avoid players that use the serial port for transfers.  

3. Sound
Look for a signal-to-noise ratio above 85 dB and for equalization options that let you tweak bass and treble to your liking.  

4. Software
Encoding MP3s and transferring them to your player is a simple task, and the software you use to do so should be simple too. You don't need a lot of bells and whistles in your way.  

5. Design
Pick a player with a sturdy belt clip so you'll be able to take your player with you easily. After all, these are very portable devices, and it should be a cinch to just clip it on and go.  

Now... the fighter in the left corner weighing 64 megabytes IS...


Brand: Diamond
Built In Memory: 64MB
Memory Slots: 1 Flash
Connectors: USB, Headphone
Transfer Rate: 100 KB/sec
Power Source: (1) AA 1.5V Alkaline Battery
Headphones: Included
Software: MusicMatch Jukebox LE, Music Sampler, Rio Audio Manager 2
Dimensions: 3.59 x 2.46 x 0.74 Inch
Warranty: 1 Year

Really, this player is quite nice.  Got heaps of memory, but as for features, it's a bit on the No-Frills side.  You have got to have a USB port as well!

And in the right corner, weighing a featherweight 32 megabytes IS...


Brand: Creative Labs
Built In Memory: 32MB
Memory Slots: Flash
Connectors: Parallel, Headphone
Power Source: (2) AAA Alkaline/NiMH Battery
Headphones: Included
Dimensions: 58 x 85 x 17 mm

This player heaps some nice features like FM radio, voice recording, and multiformat playback.  However, the measly 32MB's is a bit poor, and it's only got a parallel port.  A bit slow but if you don't have USB, I'm afraid your options are a bit slim.

As to price, all countries vary.  The best thing to do it read some reviews on the products, then call around to a couple stores.

In summary, from what I've learnt today, I'd personally wait until you can get the best best from both machines.  You want USB, radio, voice recording, multiformat playback, direct ripping from a CD, and most of all, stacks of memory.  A MP3 player to tape adapter would also be nice for the car.  MP3's seem like they are going to be here for a while, and the big companies know this!  There is huge race for the big tech companies to bring out the best, most feature packed MP3 player, and therefore, you will not have to wait long until you get what you want.  Just be patient.  Same case of the new 3D cards!  A new super-duper ass kicker is released every couple of months.  However, you just may have to take the plunge, as you'll probably never to get buy one!  Irony.

Well, enough of me jabbering.  I hope you find your balance.


Just thought I'd throw these in for as well!...

Check out and look at the bottom in audio equipment, then choose RIO memory. It said for a 32 Meg card which combines for 64 Megs, it is only $89.  Lots cheaper than 150, as long as that is what you are looking for.

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A few weeks ago Tagram System Corporation introduced the Mambo X P300 Portable MP3 CD-Player. It can play both regular Audio CDs and MP3 file format CDs
Because the Mambo X is using a Durable Laser Reader (DLR) decoder, it is also able to read CD-ReWritable media! The DLR decoder also supports Sub-Directory Readable (SDR) technology which accepts MP3 music in sub-directory and long filenames.

For more details read the Mambo X Press Release.

Availability:  November 1999
Suggested Retail Price:  US$ 179

I think this Blows away all the MP3 Players, why buy memory???...ok ok you need a writer ..but think 170+ song on one cd and still able to play normal cd's....Wicked...
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