Newbie: Getting MyView not CView

Basic as they come:

I have created an App in Visual Studio and I'm using the following code to get the view:
CFrameWnd * pFrame = (CFrameWnd*)AfxGetApp()->m_pMainWnd;
CView * pView = pFrame->GetActiveView();

The problem is that I have a function in MyView that I want to use.  When I try and type cast pView, like ((CMyView*)pView)->ProcessInput
, I get the error:
error C2065: 'CMyView' : undeclared identifier

How do I get a pointer so I can call ProcessInput in the MyView class.  Using the #include "MyView.h" doesn't work.


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Using #include "MyView.h" should work.

#include "stdafx.h"

// other #include

#include "MyView.h"


There is another way to do it. Use a user-defined message and post it to the view.

#define    WM_USER_PROCESSINPUT    (WM_USER + 1)



    // ...
    return 0;

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crazykzAuthor Commented:
I did find the problem and you were right that the #include should work.  The problem I had was that just including the View.h caused errors with recognizing the declaration of the CMyDocument.  I included the CMyDocument class also to the View class and the problem resolved itself.

The important part here is that I learn the correct way to do this.  I apologize for submitting this trivial question.  Thank you for your answer.
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