Accessing A (floppy) drive

Opening My Computer, and clicking on A drive to access a floppy, the computer is working (hourglass), but that's as far as it goes. The computer locks up and I have to reboot. Never experienced this before. Maybe a bad drive?
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bchewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check and re-seat cables and controller card.  Check device manager for errors (Control Panel/System/Device Manager).
Sounds like maybe a conflict, to eliminate some possibilites, before you try to access the "A" drive hit (Ctrl,Alt,Delete) and note what is listed there, then use the "end task" to shut everything down except Explorer & Systray, then try the "a" drive

Another thought, what about at bootup, put a boot disk in it and bootup to it and see if you can use it then?
jetflyerAuthor Commented:
Checked device mgr and found no errors. Don't know what the system did but it "reset" itself after rebooting  a half a dozen times. Seems to be working now.
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