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How do I change my Ethernet card in Linux?

I have Mandrake Linux 6.5, running KDE and I cannot get my ethernet card, a WinBond 10Bt card, to work. I choose the NE2000 compatible drivers, and they tested ok with the card during installation. When I go into Linux though, I can ping myself and the loopback address, but I do not see any traffic on my LAN. The NIC card seems to start fine on boot up and my settings are correct. I want to change the drivers for the card, but I do not know how. Can someone help?
1 Solution
start linuxconf, go to basic host info, and change the 'kernel module'.
kpominviAuthor Commented:
This does tell me how to change from just the available list of drivers I had at installation. But how do I change the drivers to drivers from a floppy?
If you have a precompiled binary module on a floppy disk, you'll want to copy it to the correct /lib/modules/<kernelversion>/ directory.  For instance, if you had kernel 2.2.13 (the latest stable version), you'll want to copy your ethernet module to /lib/modules/2.2.13/net.

However, I would be *very* suspicious of anyone that handed you a binary module on a floppy.  Those things run with root access, and it would be trivial to write a driver with a backdoor access.  I suspect that what you want to do is recompile your kernel.  Install the kernel sources, go to /usr/src/linux, and type make xconfig (if you have X running), or make menuconfig otherwise.
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Looks to me like a routing problem.

What does ifconfig (no parameters) say?
What does route -n say?

Also post the ouput from

cat /proc/net/dev
I *think* you have a hardware problem.

Question - when you run ifconfig do you see RX and TX packets? Are the IO and IRQ values the same as the onfiguration software for the card reports? What are the IO and IRQ

One of the best items I have in my "toolbox" is a 3C509 that is set to 5/300 TP half duplex. If I put that card in and the network still does not work I KNOW the problem is not in the NIC. I think the 3C509 is the most supported card on the planet - and they are available used for under $10.

Best of luck!
lewsig: What is your answer to solve kpominvi ´s

sumawuscha ;-)

Use a standard, vanilla, supported, ISA network card like the 3c509. So how to do it.

1. remove all references to the old card

2. configure the new card (my choice is obviously 3c509's) but other good bets can be found at http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/Ethernet-HOWTO.html with a DOS configuration program.

3. add the following line to /etc/conf.modules

alias eth0 3c509

4. donate all the weirdo, off-brand, plug&pray cards you find to the nearest DOS/WIN freak you can find


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