Win95 and Hard drive setup problem

I have an older Sony computer.. 233MHz.  I just bought a new Western Digital 20 gig hard drive Ultra ATA 66

I tried to install it using the disk that the HD came with, and with Fdisk.. but when i create partitions with either and then try to install Win95 from the CD, it gives me erros.

Windows errors and says it has found compressed drives on the hard drive or disk cache in memory.. and that these need to be remedied first.  But neither of those is possible, because the drive is brand new with four 5GB partitions.  It says you can continue with setup anyway.. then when i do, i get an error and says "if you have HPFS or WinNT partitions.. you have to do something else"  and "if you have LANtastic or something else"...

but i do not have either of these...  

is this a problem with the sony motherboard? or the 20 gig hard drive?
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What version of Win95 are you using? Only Win95OSR2 will be able to see the partitions you have since they are FAT32 and Win95  other versions will only see FAT16
In order to use FAT16 you must limit the size of the partitions to 2.1GB
Once you have done this then Win95 should install just fine

Actually this would be the perfect time to upgrade to Win98 since it supports FAT32 and you can install it clean. The upgrade version will work for you as long as you still have the Win95 install disk, (it will want to look at it during the install)
Sounds to me like the Ultra ATA 66 drive, I heard that those type of drives don't work well with some programs and the OS.
Try looking at:

You might find something about your problem there.
Your MB will not support either ATA33 or ATA66 but the good news is the HD is backward compatable so since your MB does not support the faster speeds then it defaults to the MB supported speed, so this would not be any problem
hi nexguy,
if you go to the wd website and read the "fine print" you will find that on some computers you have to disable the DMA for the drive in your computer setup. For example, if you have AWARD Bios, hit delete during the boot to enter Setup. Go to Integrated Periphials and choose "Disable" option under Primary Master DMA. Another way around this is to purchase an ATA66 Interface. They usually cost between $50-$75. Hope this info helps.

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