Word97 Crash

Word crashes upon closing word out or trying to print after print preview.After the crash I get the error message ( C:\program files\microsoft shared\VBA\VEenLR3.HLP )file cannot be found and needs to be reinstalled.I have run the latest norton antivirus thinking that was my problem with no luck!I cannot find this file on my recovery disks or the internet.Help me Please!
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Have a look into:
Q158224 - WD97: Cannot Find Veenlr3.hlp After Typical Installation  http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q158/2/24.asp

As you do not mention working in the Visual Basic Editor, you seem to have a macro running. Whether it is a legitimate but buggy one or a buggy virus is the main question here. Therefore:

a) Which antivirus did you run ? Not all have the ability with macros. Was the signature list recent ?

b) If nothing: Start Word, open an affected document and press Alt+F11. This will switch you to the VBA Editor. There you will see an Windows Explorer like tree. Select each one and see whether you see code in the window to the right. Paste it here. If you are demanded a password it might be legimate, if you can not even access VBA you may have virus and/or a fouled Word setup.

c) If nothing: Try this safe and fast _bet_:
StartButton: Run: winword /regserver  (there is a blank before the switch)
This will rewrite the registry keys for Word.

More after the break meaning input from you.

WilliamRAuthor Commented:
back to cri
(a)I am running nrtonsystemworks  2000 v.3.0 with the latest updates.
(b)I accessed the vba editor but there were no codes present.
(c)got the message(cannot find the file winword/regserver or one of its components.
ie. the microsoft fix,under the install/uninstall tab,I do not have word97 or ms office97 as an option.
thanks from a rookie.williamr
You must re-install office from the CD.  You have one or more corrupted office files.  If available, you should select the option to redo the previous installation.
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WilliamRAuthor Commented:
I received two discs with this packard bell system,a master recovery and a companion cd,neither of which contain microsoft office.The add/delete program cannot find it on the discs.
What is my next move?
still a rookie,williamr
To WilliamR: I too have Packard Bell and this works. Go Start/Programs/
Accessories/PackardBell/Software Tracker.  Software Tracker will instruct you to insert your MasterCD, ie, Recovery CD.  When your RecoveryCD opens, you will see MS Word. Hope this helps.
WilliamRAuthor Commented:
To slimjim:Software tracker opens but the window is blank with or without the cd installed.There is nothing to select.What is the trick to getting the programs into the box to be selected?
You guys are great!williamr
Most probably you wrote it like in your comment (winword/regserver) i.e. you forgot the blank (or space) before the "/" as indicated. Try again. If nothing, then you must reinstall as stated by bchew.
WilliamRAuthor Commented:
I did forget the space,but that still did not work.
I located another disc and reinstalled word.All is fine except for 1 doc.that causes word to crash.That doc. must be corrupted.
Thanks for the help!WilliamR
Thanks.  Shall I post an answer?

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WilliamRAuthor Commented:
To bchew
I reenstalled word 97,wrote one letter
and word crashed once again.Everything
works fine till I go to print.It starts
loading to ram and it freezes up.
At wits end,WilliamR
Which printer do you have ? Before reinstalling the driver: Check their site for newer driver.
WilliamRAuthor Commented:
I have the HP 895 csi and the latest version#11.1.4 released 01-sept-99.
The microsoft support page indicates I might have a problem with a demaged registry data key,normal.dot global template,template or add-in.I could print a word doc.if I started with the /a switch but not if I transported a doc.to word.
Thanks for sticking with me!WilliamR
Did you

a) Use the a.m. "word /regserver "?. If not: Try it, made a lot of points with this little trick.

b) Replace Normal.dot ? If not: Exit Word, rename it to normal.old or similar and start Word anew. This will create a new normal.dot.

If nothing, I be back.
WilliamRAuthor Commented:
no responce to (a)
Renamed normal.dot--still no good
Uninstalled Microsoft Office
Installed Microsoft Office 97 Professional--Excel,Power Pt.etc.ok
Word and Templates Will not open and get
error message(There is not enough memory or disk space to run word)
I must have lost something in the transition!!
a) Which service release of MS-Office do you have ? If unsure: Help|About of any application

b) Which operating system _and_ patch level do you have ? See ControlPanel|System|General

c) Miscellaneous:
- How much RAM does the PC have ?
- Free harddisk space ? Use scandisk or utility of Norton
- How is virtual memory set ?
ControlPanel|System|Performance Virtual Memory

d) I remember reading that 'this' Norton is taxing regarding resources. Can you disable it w/o de-installing it ? What happens if you shut down all non-essential programs/processes ?

Have a look:
Q135887 - OFF: Cannot Start Office Programs If Available Disk Space Low  http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q135/8/87.asp

OFF97: Office Programs Require Virtual Memory

I know, you are still a step away from optimizing, but here you can see what are the affecting parameters. Print it out, its handy.
Q160068 - WD97: Optimizing Microsoft Word 97
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