Toshiba Laptop W98 Upgrade Problem?

Browsing the Toshiba Laptop website
I got the strong impression that I
cannot upgrade W95 to W98 on the
Tecra 720 series?

Please confirm or deny.

Tim Weil
Silver Spring, MD.
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swestonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know what you saw, but your Tecra 720 is a Pentium computer that comes equipted with 16mb RAM, and as long as you have about 150mb available on your hard drive, you should have no problems.  But if you have any questions refer to this Toshiba site on what is required to upgrade your computer to Windows 98:
krash092097Author Commented:
OK...I know what the base hardware
requirements are....

Problem -

  W98 2nd Edition upgrade stumbled at
"Toshiba 95 Utilities not compatible"
and suggested review of the Setup.Txt
file for W98.  My concern is that if
I take Toshiba base utilities off the
system, that hardware configuration will
stop working (Sound Chip, IRDA port, etc).

  I'm looking for some hand holding from
Toshiba before I deep-six my system.

Check with Toshiba to see if they have Windows 98 drivers for those.  Then I personally would jump in and then try and solve the problems afterwards (Not that I would suggest that that is the recommended approach).  You can, however, create an undo file that will reverse your upgrade.
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