modem problem

i have an old powermac 7600/132 that i can;t get my modems to run on...

tried it with a bestdata 56k faxmodem and an old zoom 28,8 faxmodem...using the appropriate scripts tried them both on both ports (modem and printer) and tried two different says it's havinga problem communicating with the modem and to reset the modem...i did get it up briefly when i swapped from the 56k to the 28.8 but it hasn't worked since on either...

system is pretty stripped down with a new install of os9 since i thought it might help it was runnign under os8.1 and doing the same thing...but, well, no idce, still won't run...

anyone have any suggestions?...
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You could simply (or not so simply) have a fried serial port. Sometimes it happens. You didnt plug in any of these modems while the computer was on did you? Have you run TechTool on the serial ports to see what it says about their condition?
podracerAuthor Commented:
eep...yes i did try swpping stuff while the comp was on...oops...hope i didn't fry the port myself...when i switched from the 56k to the 28.8 i did it while the machine was on and it ran peachy...until i shut her down and rebooted the next day...

i have no idea what TechTool is, never heard of it before...
Go to and do a search for TechTool. The Freeware version may not run on OS9 so read what it has to say about it before you download.

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Wait a minute...didnt i just say that LSD? Yes tech tool runs on os9 anyway. podracer: reject this answer and we'll continue with a diagnosis.
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