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Iv been reading a book that is a dummies guide to c++ (MS Visual c++ 6 pro), but it only tells me how to make rubbish dos programs that "figure out the length of a song" etc. Is there anywhere I should look to find info about making simple games or windows apps?
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An excellent place to start is the help system that came with VC++6.  Beyond that, where to look depends on specific goals you have.

For games, you're probably most interested in graphics and possibly sound, plus a little GUI (user interface) and input device work.  Pay special attention to information on DirectX - it's quite fast and portable, and almost every game currently shipping for Windows uses at least some DirectX.  GDI drawing routines will be too slow unless your game is extremely simple.

(If you're talking about _really_ simple games, that use only a text interface, you can write them as though for DOS and run them in a Windows console.)

Here's some sections to look at in the VC++6 help:

Visual C++ Documentation - Using Visual C++ - Visual C++ Tutorials
Platform SDK - Graphics and Multimedia Services - DirectX
Platform SDK - Graphics and Multimedia Services - GDI
Platform SDK - Graphics and Multimedia Services - OpenGL

Also be sure to check out Books and Partial Books for lots of info.  You can also search in Periodicals for particular topics - I know there've been many DirectX articles and samples in MSJ.

For in-depth knowledge of how MFC does its Windows stuff, it's valuable to learn how to write a Windows application without MFC.  Look at the Platform SDK section of VC++6 help for more details.  If you want to go this route, you'd do well to get a separate book on Windows development - one that doesn't focus on MFC or OWL.  Generally speaking, this is more useful as an excercise for learning than for a "real" project.

Finally, if you're interested in game development, there are a number of excellent books on the topic.  They range from specific code to write specific types of games, to overviews of the whole process including design and pitching your idea to publishers.

What kind of games are you talking about when you say "simple games"?

Good luck!


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