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I'm interested in working with Photoshop, however, in order to take a college class, I need two prerequisite classes which I cannot afford at this time.  In your opinion, do you feel I could learn the program, at home, on my own by experimenting, or do you feel I would benefit from taking these courses beforehand?  I know it's hard to judge, not being familiar with my capabilities, but any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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PatwallaceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Photoshop is an easy program to learn, I am sure you can teach yourself with the help of the tutorials posted on the web and other places.  You can use a search engine and type in "photoshop tutorials" and there will be a lot of sites and most have links to other sites. A good place to start is
You can teach yourself Photoshop but having a guide in the form of a person rather than a book or tutorial is really beneficial.  I have been stuck a few times trying to figure out how to do something in a new program, and written guides can only help so much.  Having someone experienced in a program your learning is really invaluable.  Even learning along w/ someone can be an asset.

If you can't afford the class now definitely try to take it in the future.  So many programs use Photoshop images at some point, it is a great program to know.  Even if you teach yourself the program, there are always more tricks and techniques to learn.  I've taken several computer classes and have always learned new things about programs I thought I knew already.  By far Photoshop is my favorite graphic program.  The more you put into it the more you can get out of it.

What are the two prerequisites to the Photoshop class?
What is your intended major and what type of use do you have for Photoshop?
Is this simply a recreational interest/hobby or a professional endeavor?
kelairAuthor Commented:
I have only taken an introductory photography course so far.  The prereq. courses for Photoshop are additional darkroom classes, and I don't particularly see how these are necessary.  Presently, this is just a hobby, however, I am trying to somehow tie this into a satisfying career.  I'm working towards getting a new Mac and a digital camera so that I may manipulate my own images.  I haven't had much drawing practice, and I'm not sure whether that will be a hindrance or not, but I'm excited, regardless.  
I do not know many people in this area, and, unfortunately, I know no one working with Photoshop.  We'll see how things go.
Thanks for your comments - everything helps!
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I find Photoshop is a lot of fun just to play w/
You can manipulate, distort and add special effects to your photos.
Put in text, blend images together or edit sections out.  So many abilities.  An understanding of photoshop can really help many photographers and give them abilities that would be very difficult to achieve without.  If you have any questions you know where to look for help.

Good luck and have fun
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