Setupkit Problem (performance)

I am making an installation for a program. The program wasn't written in VB, and the install have a few additional options, so I have to do it manualy, without Setup Wizard.

The program is actualy about 1200 small files, total size about 24mb. I have it all packaged in one .CAB file. When I'm installing, it takes about 6 minutes to extract everything (although using is about 30 seconds). What can I do to improve performance, as it obviosly shouldn't be that bad.

I am using VB6
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I don't think I'd use VB's Setup Wizard for a program that wasn't written in VB. Have you looked at utilities like Self-Extracting ZIP, Paquet Builder, Etc. . . . ? They seem to be fast and easy to use.
MikeP090797Author Commented:
The thing is that this program already had an installation made in VB3, and basicaly I just ported it to 32 bit VB6. The bottom line is that the customer wants it to be in VB, so he can modify it on himself later
MikeP090797Author Commented:
I forgot to mention that all this while debuging, when I replaced the real files with dummy small ones. The real program is the same 1200 files, but about 250MB. The old setup program did it in about 4 minutes.
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This is what I use for all my VB setup programs... It's great.
i don't understand.
you say :"so I have to do it manualy, without Setup Wizard."

then you kinda mentioning the use of SetupWizard.

what is it ???

if all you need is to extract from CAB file - you can do it with a simple C (32BIT) program.
as a matter of fact, i 've just did something similar 2 weeks ago.
i've started a new VC++ MFC project (DialogBased) and put all my code in the first PAINT event.
configuring the project - if you LINK and emmbeds all MFC dlls in the project - it will run on clean fresh win95 os (the worst case).
Splitting up your files into different *.CAB files should increase performance.

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Still, my advice is also to use some 3th party tool like ISX, Wise, or others.
MikeP090797Author Commented:
I am not using the SetupWizard, but I'm using the modified setup program that comes with vb. As I explained before, I can't use something totaly different. How do I split it to muptiple (but linked) .cab files?

However, if AnswerTheMan can provide the C code to extract .cab files, I'll turn it into a DLL and use it from VB, maybe will help...
MikeP090797Author Commented:
I found a way to split it into multiple .cabs as SLT suggested, so he gets the points.
Thanks everybody for commenting.
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