Requiem - Stuck in sewers...


I need help getting out of the sewers in Requiem: Avenging Angel for the PC.

In the sewers I pass through a room enclosed by two valves under water and enter a roughly square room. The room has a few pipes on the walls and the ceiling is like a grate, but large enough to fit through. Only problen is that I cant "fly" because I am semi-submerged in water.

I dont think this is a dead-end, but I just cant find any way out.
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1.0 WHAT IS REQUIEM: AVENGING ANGEL?                  

2.0      CHARACTERS (spoiler-free)
      2.1      ENEMIES/MONSTERS
            2.1.1 HUMAN FOES
            2.1.2 MECHANIZED FOES
            2.1.3 DEMONIC/FALLEN FOES







            From the manual:
                  The Lord looked upon what He had wrought, and saw that His
                  creation was good.  And yet...

                  And yet, the Host of Heaven saw that the Lord was
                  dissatisfied.  This grand experiment housed not all He
                  would have wished.  The angels looked down, and saw that
                  His experiment as fraught with greed, corruption, and
                  stupidity.  The "noble beast" with which the Lord had
                  populated the planet was caught in a degrading spiral of
                  covetousness; ever wanting that which their creator would
                  not--indeed, could not--grace them.

                  And so, the Host of Heaven began to plot.  This
                  dissatisfaction that the angels sensed within the Lord
                  split them into factions.  While some would look to the
                  wisdom of the Lord for guidance and reassurance, others
                  would presume to interpret His desires...

                  The time, reckoned in human years, is midway through the
                  21st century.  Humankind stands poised on the brink of
                  intergalactic exploration and travel.  An interstellar
                  ship, Leviathan, nears completion.  With its launch,
                  humanity will spread itself among the stars, and the
                  heavens themselves will be within the grasp of this
                  "misguided" race.

                  Without the Lord's consent, certain angels among the Host
                  have taken it upon themselves to bring about the end of
                  human life.  In the process of executing this goal, they
                  have become dark, sadistic, and power-mad.  They have
                  become the Fallen.

                  Not long ago, the Fallen, led by a desperate angel named
                  Lilith, descended to Creation through the netherworld of
                  Chaos, and cloaked themselves in human form.  Though they
                  are not almighty, they still possess heavenly powers.
                  have used these powers to take over the will of an entire
                  government and its army of soldiers.  These possessed
                  leaders and their armies do the Fallen's bidding, without
                  any awareness that they have been overtaken.

                  The Fallen ready themselves for the end of the world.

                  Armageddon lies close at hand.

                  But the Fallen are not without opposition.  You are
                  Malachi, one of the Lord's chosen.  You must travel to
                  Earth to stop the Fallen from succeeding in their
                  destructive quest.  If you cannot stop what the fallen are
                  attempting, the Lord will have no choice but to instigate
                  Armageddon Himself, thus fulfilling the plan of the
                  Fallen.  You must not allow that to happen.

                  The path from Heaven to Earth is treacherous, however, you
                  must travel through the realm of Chaos before arriving
                  upon Earth.  This passage is one of the most difficult for
                  any angel to make, for you will arrive in Chaos stripped
                  of most of your angelic powers.  You must build your
                  reserves for the battle ahead, for only you can offer hope
                  for Creation.

            - You're an angel.  With guns.  Big guns.
            - You're an angel.  With powers.  Cool powers.  Lotsa powers.
            - The system requirements are lower than most new FPS games.
            The system req's on the box are "Pentium 166 (200
            recommended), 32 megs RAM, 4x CD-ROM, and 116 megs HD space
            (275 recommended)." And of course, a 3D accelerator card
            (preferably with 3dfx support).
            - Smooth engine (compared to Q2, the LithTech engine, and
            - Detailed engine. (Faces are clearer than Q2, walls more
            legible than Q2 and LithTech)
            - Intriguing plotline.
            - Detailed Gothic game world
            - Cool Angelic powers.
            - Cheesy voice acting (for you Resident Evil freaks :)
            - Freaky-ass monsters.
            - $20 rebate (for us canadians, that's about $30). 'nuff said.
                        And that's only single-player mode.  Anyone want to
                        gush about multiplayer?

2.0            CHARACTERS (spoiler-free)

            MALACHI: Mal is your typical Biblical angel, except for the
            fact that he's exchanged his flaming sword for an assault
            rifle, curses ("Jesus Christ!" "They don't even f---ing
            work.") and probably gets the girl in the end. (Actually, he
            doesn't. Wow.) He's also your typical FPS protagonist who can
            carry seven weapons and ammo and not slow down one bit.  He's
            cool, but not as cool as Duke Nukem, or BLOOD's Caleb.
            LILITH: Leader of the Fallen on Creation (Earth).  A demoness
            with alabaster skin, blood red nipples, and an abhorrence for
            clothing and Malachi.  Not someone with whom you would want to
            LUCIFER: The angel who instigated the schism and leader of the
            Fallen.  More commonly known as Satan and The Devil.  Likes:
            Demonic laughter, destroying humanity.  Dislikes: Angels, God,
            AARON:  Your predecessor, sent to Creation to stop the Fallen.
            He has gone missing.  Part of your mission is to find out what
            happened to him.
            JONAH: Owner of Jonah's Bar.  Your first contact in the
            ELIJAH: (pronounced Eh-LEE-jah.): A member of the rebellion,
            and more than likely your romantic interest(ew. Last time
            angels had "romantic interests" they made giants named
            Nephilim.  Check it out in Genesis 6.)
            LEADER (actual name unknown): The Leader of the Resistance
            (duh.)  He's the guy who sends you out on missions.  Killing
            him is a bad thing.
            (more to come.)
2.1            ENEMIES/MONSTERS

2.1.1            HUMAN FOES (under the control of the Fallen):
                  [next update: AI info]

                  NOTES ON HUMAN FOES:  These guys apparently went to the
                  BLOOD/BLOOD II school of firearms.  On Purgatory
                  difficulty setting, their aim is practically flawless.  If
                  you're visible for more than half a second, you'll be
                  LIGHT SOLDIER:      "Armed with assault rifles, pistols and
                  grenades, these soldiers are found on the streets of New
                  Damascus, where they are able to harass and shoot
                  civilians with impunity.  Their main functions are to
                  patrol the streets, enforcing curfew, and round up the
                  bodies of those who defy the curfew.  In many areas,
                  though, they won't attack unless provoked."
                  COMMENTS: A shot or two to the head with the pistol or
                  assault gun is enough to bring these guys down.
                  POLICE/PRISON GUARD:  "Found in the prison, these security
                  guards ruthlessly torture rebels and innocents alike.
                  They react to any breach in security with prejudicial
                  force.  Their black and silver uniforms were specifically
                  designed to subliminally provoke fear in their victims."
                  COMMENTS: "Subliminally provoke fear"??? Uniform be
                  damned, I'd be scared of the big-ass gun he's got!  Again,
                  dispatch the bastich with a few shots to the head.
                  LEVIATHAN SECURITY:  "As the security force on the
                  Leviathan, these elite troops are dressed in the blue and
                  gold livery of the world government force.  They patrol
                  the colony ship with heavy weapons and a sharp eye for
                  trouble, and are assisted by the cyborgs known as
                  COMMENTS: Three guesses as to how to kill them.
                  MEDIUM ARMORED SOLDIER: "Covered in body armour with a
                  drop-visor helmet, the Medium Soldier can take quite a
                  beating.  Equipped with a variety of weapons, this type of
                  soldier can dish out a punishment worthy of the third
                  level of Hell."
                  COMMENTS: 3rd level of Hell?  I dunno... the 3rd level's
                  pretty tough.  I've had to re-load my saved game seven
                  times before getting through the first two rooms.
                  Anyways, these guys are much tougher than the light
                  soldiers.  Their bodies are heavily armoured, so one or
                  two      shots to the head won't cut it.  Try a dozen or so.
                  HEAVY ARMORED SOLDIER:  "This soldier wears something
                  similar to a Power Suit and is practically immune to
                  bullets.  The arsenal of weapons contained in the arms of
                  his suit is surprisingly large, and often lethal.  Heavy
                  Armoured Soldiers have been known to quell sector riots by
                  their mere appearance."
                  COMMENTS: I want one of these for my birthday!!! The
                  assault rifle, pistol, and shotgun are pretty much useless
                  against this machine.  Try a grenade, rocket, or otherwise
                  throw the fear of God into them with a charged Pentecost
                  or something.
2.1.2            MECHS (Mechanised foes)

                  MANDROID:  "A heavy, lumbering cyborgs, the Mandroid was
                  originally designed to perform ore extraction work on
                  distant colony worlds for the travellers aboard Leviathan.
                  Its chaingun was intended for keeping native fauna at bay
                  within the mining tunnels, while its pick was more suited
                  to the intensive demand of extracting ore from rock."
                  COMMENTS: With a big-ass gun on it's arm, you have to
                  wonder what kind of fauna were in those ore mines.  Vorpal
                  Rabbits, maybe?  Mandroids are impervious to bullets.
                  You'll have to use heavy weapons and angelic powers to
                  defeat them.  I prefer Pentecost (3 charged blasts) or
                  Rockets.  Be careful, tho.  A Mandroid's gun'll chop you
                  into little bits if you stand still in it's sights too
                  CYBERFIEND: "Designed for the intricacies of ore
                  extraction, Cyberfiends are adroid, agile cyborgs.  They
                  are deadly, even without projectiles."
                  COMMENTS: A swipe from their claws will take off a LARGE
                  chunk of your health.  A few shotgun blasts will make
                  quick work of them, tho.  Why do all the ore-extraction
                  bots have to look so damn EVIL?
                  PEACEMAKER:  "Quicker than the Mandroid, but slower than
                  the Cyberfiend, the Peacemaker can shoot lasers out of its
                  head an swing its spiked tail for more intimate attacks.
                  The Peacemaker was cobbled together by the Fallen fro
                  spare parts.  They are a completely malevolent design."
                  COMMENTS:  Malevolent?  I think it looks like a cute
                  little puppy-dog. :)  Again, shotgun blasts and heavy
                  weapons ought to knock these guys off their feet.
                  ADVANCED MANDROID:  "Once manned with a pilot, the
                  Advanced Mandroid now attacks mindlessly but with an
                  intensified purpose.  The AM's with their twin chainguns
                  and heavy lifting capacity, were to be used by the
                  Leviathan colonists for base security and construction.
                  COMMENTS: How the hell can you construct anything with
                  gatling guns for arms??
2.1.3      DEMONIC FOES

                  NOTE: Most demons are more susceptible to angelic powers
                  than mundane weapons.  Probably because they're more
                  "angelic" than mundane.
                  XAPHAN (Zay-FAN) (AKA Demon-Rat):  "Xaphan was the angel
                  sent by the Lord to look after Adam and Eve in the Garden
                  of Eden, when Lucifer attempted to rebel against Heaven,
                  it was Xaphan who suggested that Heaven should be set
                  ablaze.  Upon Lucifer's fall from grace, the Lord rent
                  Xaphan asunder, splitting him into many smaller, less
                  powerful creatures.  These blind demons are now scavengers
                  of Chaos and Hell, and can only sense your presence by
                  COMMENTS:  Well, by smell AND by hearing.  These guys are
                  fun to watch.  When I got to the sewer level of the demo,
                  I tried playing through it without killing a single
                  Xaphan.  So, by the time I found the exit, there was a
                  whole horde of these little buggers following me, jaws
                  slathering and drooling. Heh.  Then I turned around and
                  Pentecosted their asses back to hell.  A shotgun blast
                  each also does the trick.
                  PITKIS (AKA Demon-Fish): "The Pitkis, created by Lucifer
                  to torment the souls of the violent within the river
                  Phlegethon, were only familiar with swimming through
                  blood.  Until now."
                  COMMENTS:  Every FPS needs bad fishies in their waters.
                  You get to fight bad DEMON fishies.
                  FLYING KYNTHRA (KIN-thra):  "The insects of other realms,
                  the Kynthra attack with their claws up close but can also
                  shoot stingers out of their tails."
                  COMMENTS:  I wonder if they're related to the Mynocks in
                  Jedi Knight?  These buggers dart around quick.  Assault
                  guns don't really work on them.  Shotguns do, tho.  Better
                  than a can of Raid any day
                  ZAEBOS (ZAY-bows): "Minor demons, the Zaebos serve as
                  lieutenants to Belial within the seventh level of Hell.
                  Armored with a reptilian shell, the Zaebos leap great
                  distances and slash with their scythe-like claws."
                  COMMENTS:  These guys jump far.  And once they touch you,
                  you lose a whole LOTTA health.
                  XAMUL (zah-MOOL):  "Found in the depths of Chaos and
                  demon-dwelling areas of New Damascus, these rabid canines
                  inflict deadly bites with their razor-sharp teeth."
                  COMMENTS:  Coming soon.  Haven't encountered them yet.

3.            SECULAR WEAPONS

                  "Hakael" Handgun:  "Similar in look and feel to a
                  present-day 9mm pistol, this handgun has a user interface
                  that is so simple, even a child could use it.  Many do.
                  It packs only a small amount of punch, but is useful for
                  those "light" days, when a heavier gun just feels like
                  "too much."
                  COMMENTS: The pea-shooter of the game.  It does little
                  damage, and has a slow rate of fire (maybe 1.25 shots a
                  second).  It is good for shooting out windows and gratings
                  "Azazel" Assault Rifle:  "The Azazel gets its name from
                  its ability to deliver rounds with demonic speed.
                  Although the individual rounds do only light damage, a
                  sustained stream of fire will decimate most enemies within
                  COMMENTS:  Remember the good ol' days of DOOM where you
                  could fire a chaingun and NOT have the screen dance and
                  bounce in front of you?  Well, they're back.  With the new
                  Azazel you can go through 50-100 rounds a second and not
                  have to worry about losing your aim.  Don't know why, tho.
                  Probably has gas-vent recoil compensation up the wazoo.
                  It's also really good for tearing a slice out of any bad
                  guys you may encounter.
                  "Trinity" Combat Shotgun:  "This triple-barrel shotgun
                  contains enough punch to rip through light armour with
                  ease.  67.8% of all common street thugs agree that its
                  slow reload rate is a serious design flaw, even in light
                  of the fact that 44.3% of all statistics are made up on
                  the spot."
                  COMMENT: Oh, great.  Now the MANUAL's cracking jokes.
                  Yeah, the slow reload rate -is- a serious design flaw.
                  The gun's spread isn't that good, either.  Even worse than
                  the popular DOOM shotgun.  I tend to not use this gun
                  except when wanting to conserve assault rifle ammo, or
                  pinging off Kynthras.
                  "Beelzebomb" Grenade Launcher:  "Though difficult to aim,
                  the Beelzebomb can inflict massive radial damage.
                  Grenades explode on contact with an enemy, or within three
                  seconds of exiting the gun's barrel.  This is the weapon
                  of choice for those difficult "indirect" shots.  The
                  reload rate is fairly fast, given the size of the
                  COMMENT: Ever since QUAKE came out, every FPS has got to
                  have a grenade-launcher.  The Beelzebomb is not really
                  different than QUAKE's, tho the grenades are heavier and
                  don't bounce nearly as much.
                  "Murmur" Missile Launcher:  "This behemoth fires
                  line-of-sight projectiles which explode, causing blast
                  damage to anyone standing nearby.  Production of it was
                  ceased following a number of accidents that resulted in
                  the deaths of both its targets and its careless users.
                  Though it fires at a slow rate, the damage it can inflict
                  is impressive."
                  COMMENT: I gather this gun's nickname comes from the fact
                  that it's quiet compared to most other Rocket Launchers.
                  Like the Azazel, it has no recoil, so you can aim easy
                  after each shot.  Really good for those big honkin'
                  baddies in the Armored suits and for taking out hordes of
                  soldiers at once.
                  "Senciner" Sniper Rifle: "Capable of long-range fire and
                  sighting, this rifle allows you to take out enemies long
                  before you get within their visual range.  If you hold
                  down the fire button, the sight pops up, allowing
                  precision aiming; when you release it, the gun will fire.
                  The damage potential of the Senciner is extreme, and its
                  sleek design has made it a favourite among sportsmen and
                  assassins alike."
                  COMMENT: I've never found much use for sniper rifles in
                  single-player FPSes.  It's also true for this one.
                  There are usually too many bad guys around firing at you
                  for you to concentrate on pinging off even one of them.
                  And if you DO get a shot off, it's usually not enough to
                  kill the sucker.  Now, that's not to say that this gun
                  isn't a lotta fun in multiplayer, but I've never played
                  multiplayer REQUIEM, so I wouldn't know.  Anyone care to
                  enlighten me?
                  "Revelations" Railgun:  "Firing small steel flechettes,
                  the railgun accelerates each round to a velocity well in
                  excess of 17,000 miles per second.  Because of this
                  tremendous muzzle velocity (which would cause the bullet
                  to escape Earth's gravitational hold), most enemies simply
                  explode when hit.  When the technology was first
                  developed, the planetary government used it to annihilate
                  malfunctioning spacecraft.
                  COMMENT: Malfunctioning spacecraft.  Right.  I'd love to
                  see what kind of Black Ops this puppy was used in.  It
                  -is- a sweet gun, though.  One shot DOES annihilate any
                  foot soldier or non-boss demon.  However, ammo is really
                  hard to come by, so it must be conserved.

4.            ANGELIC POWERS

4.1                  COMBAT POWERS

                  EXORCISE:  "But Jesus rebuked the evil spirit, healed the
                  boy and gave him back to his father.  And they were all
                  amazed at the greatness of God." --Luke 9:42b-43.
                  COST: 4 Essence per shot.
                  COMMENTS: Exorcist is much like the pistol.  Not really
                  good for anything except to knock out windows and
                  gratings.  It also can be used to push enemies back over
                  an edge.
                  PENTECOST: "They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire
                  that separated and came to rest on them." --Acts 2:3
                  COST: 18 Essence, chargeable up to 50.
                  COMMENTS: When I first noticed the power's name I thought
                  "Oh great.  A power that makes people speak in tongues."
                  In fact, this is one of the most diverse powers in your
                  arsenal.  It's more powerful than Exorcise, for one.  It
                  can also be charged up to 50 Essence to release a powerful
                  blast that will gibbify any soldiers in it's path.  If it
                  gibs a baddie, it continues on at reduced power towards
                  its destination.  There also appears to be a certain field
                  of effect that is bigger than the actual "ball."
                  While I use this power most of all the offensive powers,
                  there is one problem--it does tend to gib a lot of
                  enemies.  Normally, that's not a bad thing; the more gibs,
                  the better.  But in this game, you don't necessarily want
                  to turn a potential ally/host into sludge. (see POSESSION
                  and RESURRECTION)
                  Also note that Pentecost has electrical properties...
                  shooting it in water will damage you.
                  In a multi-player game, the charge-up option is not
                  BRIMSTONE: "On the wicked He will rain coals of fire and
                  brimstone, and an horrible tempest, a scorching wind shall
                  be the portion of their cup."
                  COMMENTS:  Mmmm... sulfur.  Just like mommy used to make.
                  A more powerful version of Exorcise, but not chargeable
                  like Pentecost.  It does, however, have a faster rate of
                  fire than Pentecost.  Brimstone's good against quite a lot
                  of demons.
                  BLOODBOIL: "His blood did boil in his veins, and he cursed
                  the name of the Lord, and died."
                  COMMENTS: The visuals for this power are... interesting.
                  Just walk up to a bad guy, activate the power, and watch
                  his body quiver and quake, lances of blood shooting out.
                  My main gripe with this power is that it has a range of
                  only a few meters.  You have to be pretty darn close to a
                  person to use this, and that's not an easy task unless you
                  want to use WARP TIME or HASTE.  Still, it's good for a
                  LIGHTNING: "From the throne came flashes of lightning,
                  rumblings, and peals of thunder." --Revelation 4:5
                  COMMENTS: Much like Pentecost, except with shorter range.
                  I didn't use this power much (except for the Chaos level).
                  LOCUSTS:  "Stretch out your hand... so that locusts will
                  swarm... and devour everything..." --Exodus 10:12
                  COST: 25 per wave of hand.
                  COMMENTS: With a wave of your hand, a swarm of locusts
                  attacks the enemy in your crosshair, nipping and biting at
                  it until the victim dies.  Useful for when you need a full
                  TO SALT:  "But Lot's wife looked back from behind him and
                  she became a pillar of salt." --Genesis 19:26
                  COST: 50 Essence per salt shaker.
                  COMMENTS:  With a high essence cost, and a slow reload
                  rate, this power is only useful if you want to see a cool
                  death with no fuss and no muss.  Slowly, the victim's body
                  will turn to salt, and the air currents in the area will
                  blow an arm, leg, torso away.  Pretty good if you don't
                  want to alert anyone to your presence.
                  APOCALYPSE: "I am the a-POC-alypse!" --Apocalypse, Various
                  Capcom/Marvel fighters. (Sorry. Had to put that in there.)
                  COMMENTS:  BFG ex Deus.  When you activate this power, a
                  ball of yellow dots appear, with all the dots converging
                  on each other.  You now have 5 seconds to get the hell
                  (heh.) outta dodge.  Once the sphere coalesces, a large
                  explosion takes place, hopefully destroying everything in
                  the near vicinity.
4.2                  DEFENSIVE POWERS

                  HEAL: "I am the Lord that healeth thee."
                  COMMENTS:  10 Essence for 5 health?  I think not.
                  However, if you're really strapped for life, hide behind a
                  corner and pump up on this power.  It'll take a few
                  minutes, but fortunately, there's no time limit in the
                  DEFLECT:  "Behold!  The arrows of the Philistines harm him
                  COST: 30 Essence for 1 second
                  COMMENTS:  When activated, you are surrounded by a purple
                  nimbus that protects you for 1 second, acting as a
                  shield.  Not very useful, difficult to use in the midst of
                  a heated firefight.
                  HOLY LIGHT: "The Light of the Lord is upon you, yet do
                  thieves sulk in the shadows."
                  COST: 5 Essence per Second
                  COMMENTS:  This just surrounds the area with light so you
                  can see better, and so your enemies can spot you better.
                  BANISH:  "The demons were cast into the abyss, never to
                  see creation again; the angels then rejoiced in Heaven."
                  COST: 50 Essence per shot.
                  COMMENTS:  This power is only effective against Demons.
                  It paralyses them for a number of seconds, making them
                  nice, easy targets for your nice, big guns.
                  SHOCKWAVE:  "They fell to the ground and could not arise.
                  Such is the power of the Lord."
                  COMMENTS:  Okay, whom among you have played Half-Life?
                  Wow, that's a lot.  Okay, you know those little doggy
                  aliens?  You know how they make that funky noise right
                  before sending out a big circular blast that hurts you if
                  you're caught in it.  Yep.  Malachi does that, too.
                  Except he's not a little dog-alien.  And he doesn't make
                  that noise.  He's a good singer, you know.
4.3                  MANEUVERING POWERS

                  HASTE:  "Thou shalt be of the winds, north, south, east
                  and west shall be known unto thee."
                  COST: 25 Essence for 10 seconds
                  COMMENTS:  Hey, look!  It's Force Speed from Jedi Knight!
                  FLIGHT:  "And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly:  and he
                  was seen upon the wings of the wind."
                  COMMENTS:  Hey, look!  It's Force Jump from Jedi Knight!
                  WARP TIME:  "And the Lord said, I will certainly return
                  unto thee according to the time of life."
                  COMMENTS:  This is cool.  You've probably heard this
                  comparison thousands of times.... so once more won't hurt.
                  The MATRIX.  The Lobby Gunfight Scene (tm).  There, I said
                  it.  When you activate this power, the screen takes a
                  purplish tint and everyone moves slower than you.  You
                  still move at a relatively normal speed.  This makes for
                  some really fun moments; dodging bullets and such.
4.4                  INTERACTIVE POWERS

                  HEAL OTHER:  "And Moses cried unto the Lord, saying, Heal
                  her now, O God, I beseech thee."
                  COMMENTS: A purely ornamental power, it's only REALLY used
                  ONCE (see Spoilers, below).
                  INSIST:  "And the truth of the Lord did come upon him all
                  at once, and he fought on the side of the Lord."
                  COST: 25 Essence per use.
                  COMMENTS:  Instead of shooting the baddie, why not make
                  him fight for you?  Only one baddie can be Insisted, and
                  the baddie has to be human.  While Insisted, the baddie
                  follows you and attacks anyone that attacks you or him.
                  If you push against your Insisted comrade, he'll walk
                  forward in the direction you nudged him.

                  This power is not used in multiplayer.  That'd just be too
                  RESURRECT:  "Not yet.  Come back.  C'mon.  C'mon.  That's
                  it..." --Gabriel, _The Prophecy_
                  COMMENTS:  Oooookay, instead of Insisting that the Heavy
                  Armour guy join you, you shot him.  With a rocket
                  launcher.  Luckily he's all in one piece.  Resurrect him,
                  and boom.  Instant ally.  Resurrected people act like
                  Insisted, but you can have more than one following you
                  (imagine the possibilities!)  Also, if a Resurrected
                  baddie gets killed again, it cannot be re-resurrected.

                  This power is not available in multiplayer.  I mean, what
                  would be the point?  You re-spawn automatically after you
                  die anyways, and WHY would you want to work for the guy
                  who killed you, anyways?
                  POSSESS:  "The angel lies within thee, and ye shall know
                  the power of the Lord."
                  COMMENTS:  Heh.  I love this power.  I'll tell you why
                  later.  As you activate this power, your Spirit leaves
                  your mortal body, and the screen takes on a pink/purpleish
                  shade.  You have a few seconds to find another body to
                  inhabit.  When hop into the body, you gain it's weapon and
                  the ability to sneak past unnoticed (you're in a baddie's
                  body, after all).  After a few seconds of possession, the
                  baddie's body dies normally, and your mortal body is there
                  again, taking it's place.

                  I think it was a good idea that 3DO decided that this
                  power should not be available in multiplayer, don't you?

5.0            BOSS STRATEGIES

                  The bosses in REQUIEM are TOUGH.  In future updates, I
                  will give tips on how to kill them without using cheat
                  NOTE:  If you're running ver. 1.0, you can't really tell
                  if you're damaging the Bosses.  It's highly recommended
                  that you download the 1.2 patch, which makes the Boss
                  flash red whenever they get damaged.
                  THE GERYON:  The first Boss level that Lilith sends you to
                  is a shallow pit in Chaos inhabited by a pair of Geryon.
                  The Geryon have two attacks: Their hand-to-hand (or
                  claw-to-hand) and their lightning attacks.  The lightning
                  moves slow enough for you to easily dodge.
                  Conventional weapons won't work on them.  If you launch a
                  grenade at them, an invisible field (Possible AT Field for
                  all you Evangelion fans) deflects it.  The trick to
                  beating these ugly SOBs is to use your Banish power on
                  them, rendering them immobile for a few seconds, then lob
                  some grenades at them.  While under "banishment", their AT
                  Fields are innefective.  Just make sure that you're out of
                  the blast radius.
                  You can also use Pentecost while the Geryon are
                  Banished... but I find grenades do a much better job.
                  TRYXINOS:  This guy has two main attacks:  An itty-bitty
                  fireball attack, and a shockwave attack.  Of course, you
                  know well enough to keep away from him when he uses these
                  attacks, don't you?  Goooood.
                  Tryxie tends to jump around a lot like a little puppy dog
                  who's happy to see you.  Well, actually, he's not little..
                  and he's not happy to see you.  Because he jumps around a
                  lot, it's a good idea to slow him down before attacking
                  him.  To do this, use either BANISH or TURN TO SALT.
                  BANISH will stop him in his tracks for a few seconds,
                  while SALT slows him down.  While he's vulnerable, send a
                  few grenades his way.  All in all, he's not that difficult
                  to beat.
                  LILITH:  Okay, you're halfway into the game and then they
                  throw the apparent main villian against you?  Hmmmm...
                  Lilith, being an archdemon, has a whole host of powers
                  making her much more powerful and difficult that the
                  weenie demon hordes.  She can send out 3 Pentecosts at
                  once, bursts of lightning, and reflective lances of light.
                  She can also summon Demon-Dogs and Zaebos.
                  Lilith's a bit tricky than the other Bosses.  Secular
                  weapons won't work against her at all; she just laughs and
                  shrugs them off.  Also, you can't attack her at all from
                  within the four pillars in the center of the room, as the
                  projectile will simply veer off to the side.  What you
                  have to do is this:
                  1) GET OUT FROM WITHIN THE FOUR PILLARS.  If you stay
                  there, you're as good as dead, plus it's much easier for
                  Lilith to hit you with her weapons.
                  at her.  If she laughs at you, then back off.  Dodge her
                  attacks, then try again.
                  3) PICK AND CHOOSE.  If your attack succeeds, Lilith will
                  split into two identical versions of herself (oo. the
                  POSSIBILITIES!) and attack.  Choose one, and attack it.
                  If she flashes red, keep attacking her until she merges
                  back into her single form.  If you picked the wrong one,
                  quickly turn around and shoot at the other Lilith.  If
                  you're lucky, you'll get a few shots on her.  If not, then
                  you'll have to wait.
                  4) DEAL WITH HER FRIENDS.  After a few shots like 3),
                  Lilith will summon some hellspawn to wear you down.  The
                  first time, she brings forth a half-dozen Demon-Dogs.  The
                  second and third times, a pair of Zaebos.  The last two
                  times, she'll bring in 2 or 3 more Demon-Dogs.  Dispatch
                  them like you would normally.  Lilith won't attack you.
                  5) REPEAT 3 AND 4 AS NECESSARY.

6.0            CHEAT CODES

                  Yeah, all FPSs need these things, and Cyclone put the
                  standard ones in...
                  These codes were shamelessly cut'n'pasted from
          Don't worry, I got their
            Function key toggling is enabled with CSMILTON entered in the
            Fn Key Console Command Description
            F1 CSYHWH Toggles God mode -- an abbreviation for Yahweh.
            F2 CSHOST Toggles flight mode - use the jump and crouch keys
            to move up and down.
            F3 CSHALT Toggles the freezing of all entities.
            F4 Turns off the effects of F1, F2, and F3.
            F6 CSPORTAL Shows the portals in the game.
            F7 CSVANISH Kills all entities in the current JAM.
            F8 CSWIRE Shows the wireframe around all architecture polygons
            F9 CSSTIGMATA Give all guns, ammo, powers, items, health, and
            F11 CSBACK Restart the level.
            CSGO n Jumps to the indicated start point within the JAM. '1'
            is the first.
            CSGO x y z Jumps to the given coordinate within the JAM.
            CSHIDE Does nothing, but the text appears in the executable
            and people may think it's a real cheat code.
            CSTIME [n] Slows down the clock within the game.  Player
            movement is not affected, though.  '100' is normal speed.  200
            is the maximum.  If no value is given, the clock returns to
            its normal speed.
            CSMAPPER [f] Toggles the in-game "auto map".  The optional
            argument is a floating point number that scales the map as a
             CSMAPPER[n] Note, there's no space between the integer and
             the code.  0 is don't show, 1 is map only, >=2 is map &
            CSGUNS Gives all weapons.
            CSAMMO Gives all ammunition.
            CSROSARY Gives all angelic powers.
            CSESSENCE Sets the player's maximum and current essence to
            CSHEALTH Sets the player's maximum and current health to 200.
            CSSHROUD Sets the player's maximum and current armor to 200.
            CSITEMS Gives all plot items.
            CSMILTON Enables the function keys as cheat keys.
            CSTOURIST Toggles enhanced speed being on permanently.
            CSAO n Adds the numbered objective to the player journal.
            CSEO n "Ends" the numbered objective from the player journal.
            CSRO Resets the player journal.
            CSTIMEOUTS Multiplayer - allows non-active players to be
            removed if more than 120 seconds have passed since the last
            CSNOTIMEOUTS Multiplayer - does not allow inactive players to
            be automatically removed.
            CSVERBOSE Weapons are "explained" during the game.
            CSBLAH Prints a test message on the HUD.
            CSCLIPMOUSE Causes the mouse cursor to be clipped to the
            window.  Only useful if running in windowed mode.
            CSUNSQUEEZE Multiplayer debugging tools.
            CS3DNOW!OFF 3DFx version only, forces the game to not use
            AMD's 3DNow! technology.
            CS3DNOW!ON 3DFx version only, forces the game to use AMD's
            3DNow! technology if it's available.
            -JACKIE, -RYAN, -PHIL, -FRED, -BRYAN, -ERIK, -JENNA, -MO,
            They play various lines of dialogue from the game.
            -DEBUG Causes certain debug information to appear at the top
            of the screen.
            -MPQUERY Displays certain information about multiplayer game.
            -EDKEYS Causes the original Requiem editor key bindings to be
            -FOV[n] 'n' is an optional integer.  (Note, there's no space
            between the two.)   If present, the "Field Of View" will be
            set to the given value. (I don't think it's really a field of
            view; it's more like the distance
            between the eye and the viewing plane.)  120 is normal.  If no
            number is given, the current value of the field of view is
            -CAMERA Toggles the HUD text from appearing when the HUD is in
            "hide mode".   Maximizing the screen to the fullest using the
            '+' key puts the HUD in "hide mode".
            -CALCFPS Toggles calculations of the frame rate to be on or
            off.  Whenever it's turned on, the history is cleared.
            -SHOWFPS Simply displays the current frame rate.  It has no
            effect on whether or not the values are calculated nor does it
            affect the update frequency.
            -RUN [0,1] Running always on?  0 == no, 1 == yes
            -LOOK [0,1] Free look?
            -INVERT [0,1] Inverted mouse during free look?
            -CENTER [0,1] Does nothing, but the text appears within the
            -XHAIR [0,1] Crosshair?
            -TEXT [0,1] Display dialogue text?
            -SHADOWS [0,1] Shadows?
            -HIDEGUN [0,1] Gun hidden?
            -SFX [0,1] I don't think this does anything, but I'm not 100%
            -STEPS [0,1] Foot steps?
            -RES [+,-,0-9] Report, adjust, or set the current screen
            -MOUSE [f] Sets the mouse's sensitivity using a floating point
            number between 0.0 and 100.0.  100.0 is very fast, 20.0 is
            quite slow.  50.0 is normal.
            -INTENSITY [f] Sets the brightness/gamma of the game.  The
            default is 50.0.
            -SOUND [f] Sets the "regular" volume control.  Default is
            -DIALOG [f] Sets the dialogue volume control.  Default 100.0.
            -MUSIC [f] Sets the background / CD music volume.  Default is
            CSMAP mapname Jumps to the "1st entry point" of the given
            level/map/JAM.   This is not necessarily the same place that
            would be entered by normally playing the game.


                  I've just been informed that has an abridged
                  version of the Prima Strategy guide on their website.
                  This mini-guide has some simple walkthrough, complete with
                  pretty pictures.  The current URL is:
                  That ought to help y'all out while I draft up my version
                  of the walkthrough..
                  Thanks goes to for informing me about
                  However, I still get this same question asked over and
                  over again, so I'm going to post a quick answer here,
                  in hopes that people read it.  I'm not going to do the
                  walkthrough just yet--I just got Descent III and
                  Aliens Vs. Predator and I want to play those for a while.
                  The Online Prima walkthrough mentioned above does a good
                  job of guiding people around the levels.  Use it.  Love
                  it.  Buy it. (Well, if you really wanna.)  Anyways, here
                  we go...
                  Q: I just got back to the Rebel Base and I was told to
                  pay my respects to Judith and then get some explosives.
                  I go and see Judith, and I can't get out of the base!
                  What should I do?
                  A: Well, take a look at your "mission objectives" screen.
                  It says "Pay respects to Judith."  now, you're an angel
                  with lots of nifty angelic powers... how do you think
                  you can best pay your respects to someone who's dead?
                  Still drawing a blank?  Oookay.  Pull up your Power
                  Menu.  See anything that might look interesting?  Still
                  Mr. Blank-Stare-guy, eh?  Alright then, fine.  What you
                  gotta do is go up to Judith, and use Resurrect on her.
                  She'll wake up, shake off her Death Experience, and get
                  back to hacking through whatever she's hacking through.
                  Seems pretty obvious when you think about it, right?
8.0            STUPID ANGEL TRICKS

                  Here's a few nifty things I discovered while playing the
                  TO GIB OR NOT TO GIB.
                  Pentecost may seem like a cool power at first.  With a
                  well-placed shot, you can take out 3 or 4 baddies.
                  However, when a charged bolt hits a baddie, it tends to
                  gibbify the poor wretch, rendering him unable to be
                  THE MATRIX LOBBY GUNFIGHT SCENE (LGS [tm])
                  Again with the MATRIX.  I still think Warp Time is a cool
                  power.  It'd be better if it lasted longer, tho.  Anyways,
                  if you're lucky enough to have the MATRIX soundtrack, pop
                  it in after you start up REQUIEM and select song 2
                  *console command?* Boom.  Instant LGS.
                  There's no limit to the number of people you can
                  Resurrect.  I once had a small army of 10 armor-clad guys
                  following me around, drawing fire off me.  It's such a
                  good feeling, having the Lord's own creatures do my
                  fighting for me.  Just be careful, tho... if you make too
                  many followers, you're bound to get stuck.  Raising people
                  from the dead apparently gives them a poor AI.
                  FUN WITH POSESSION PART I:  "Heh.  Killed the bastard."
                  La la la... walking around.  Opening a door.  Buncha
                  baddies, guns pointing to me.  Bullets flying out of their
                  barrels, and I fly out of my skin into the closest gunner.
                  As I enter his skin, my eyes become his eyes and I see my
                  body fall, lifeless to the ground.  The guards, thinking
                  they've killed me, return to their duties... not knowing
                  the traitor in their midst.
                  FUN WITH POSESSION PART II:  "Body hopping."
                  As above... but I walk a mile in the man's shoes before I
                  hide behind some crates and let the flesh die.  When I
                  emerge from his skin (not even a stain of blood on
                  me--that's how cool I am) I walk on until I see the next
                  guard, hop out of my body, and into his.
                  If you do this right, and have the patience, and don't
                  mind NOT killing a lot of people, you can finish an entire
                  level this way.
                  FUN WITH POSESSION PART III:  "I'm invincible!" "You're a
                  While possessing a body, any attacks on the body do
                  absolutely NO damage.  The body dies only after the
                  possession time limit is reached!  Possession is, in
                  essence, an invulnerability spell-thingy!
                  But, when in a possessed body, you gain access to his
                  weapon, and the bullets from a baddie's gun move much
                  slower than the gun that you carry as Malachi.  Malachi's
                  bullets are instantaneous (ala DOOM and QUAKE's shotguns),
                  while the baddie's bullets are actually entities that take
                  time to travel from point a to b.  Keep that in mind when

                  THE MATRIX:  "What do you need?  Besides a miracle."
                  "Guns.  Lots of guns."
                  Yeah, you've heard me gush over and over about the MATRIX
                  and how Warp Time makes the game play like that Lobby
                  Gunfight Scene (tm).  But unfortunately, Warp Time only
                  lasts for two to three seconds.  If you want to play the
                  entire game in slo-mo, enter the cheat code CSTIME 40.
                  Enemy animations are slower, bullets are visible (!) but
                  you still move the same speed.  Your ROF is slowed
                  accordingly, tho, and doors open a bit slower as well.
                  For increased MATRIXosity, pop in your MATRIX soundtrack
                  and switch to track 2 (wish I knew the console command),
                  and shoot to your heart's content.
                  The best area to do this is in the reception area of the
                  Paradise hotel.  One big square desk in the center, and
                  lots of pillars to hide behind.  Actually makes you feel
                  like you're somewhat in the movie... well, except that you
                  only carry one gun at a time, have angelic powers, and
                  don't wear a trenchcoat.
                  God, I want alternate skins for this game!
9.0            APPENDICIES

                  BIBLICAL STUFF
                  Since REQUIEM is a game based on biblical themes, I plan
                  on putting the similarities/dissimilarities between the
                  game world in REQUIEM and the world presented in the Bible
                  and traditional (read: Judeo-Christian) interpretations of
                  the Bible.  Currently, I just have a brief synopsis of
                  each issue.  *In future editions of this FAQ, I will cite
                  The War in Heaven
                  In the Bible, the great War took place either before, or
                  some period immediately after the creation of the
                  Universe.  Satan (literally "Adversary" in Hebrew), for
                  whatever reason, rebelled against God and took one third
                  of the Host with him.  Since then they have made it their
                  business to keep God and humanity separated by sin,
                  hatred, anger, science, etc...
                  In REQUIEM, the War happened a few years ago, and it seems
                  to have affected a majority of the Host, not a minority.
                  Lilith is never mentioned in the Bible.  She is first
                  "seen" in Midrashic liturature (a Midrash is akin to a
                  modern day "commentary" on a book of the Bible) as a
                  night-demon.  Legend says that when God first created Man,
                  he created a Woman for him.  This woman was Lilith.
                  Unlike Eve, she was created from clay, like Adam was.
                  However, Lilith wouldn't subject to Adam's authority, and
                  was cast out of Eden.  Cast out, she became a demon that
                  preyed upon babies, killing them while they slept (SIDS?)
                  Other legends say that Lilith was Cain's wife.  Lilith is
                  said to be extremely beautiful.
                  In REQUIEM, Lilith is butt-ugly.
                  A lot of names in REQUIEM are taken directly from the
                  Malachi: A minor Old Testament prophet.
                  Judith:  A character in the Old Testament.
                  Elijah:  An important Old Testament figure.  Called down
                  fire from Heaven to consume a bunch of Baal's priests.
                  Commonly pronounced "ee-LIE-jah."  In the game, it's
                  pronounced "eh-LEE-jah."
                  Jonah:  Duh.  Jonah and the whale?  Anyone remember that
                  story from Sunday School?
                  Aaron:  In Exodus and Numbers, Aaron was an aide to Moses
                  and Joshua during the conquest of Caanan.
                  Leviathan:  A large sea-monster.  Many scholars consider
                  it to be a dinosaur.
                  "Azazel" (your assault rifle)  In some Jewish texts,
                  Azazel is a head demon.
                  Pentecost:  The occasion marking the true birth of the New
                  Testament church, tongues of flame alighted on the
                  disciples heads and they began to speak other languages.
                  In the game, Pentecost is a way cool, destructive power.

                  As you enter Chaos, a series of walls flies encircle you.
                  The Latin on the walls read: "Et Septum Angeli Qui
                  Habebant Septem Tubas Paraverunt Se Et Tuba Camerent"
                  Latin Translation?
                  "The Prophecy/God's Army" While extremely far from
                  Biblical accounts, this is one of the best depictions of a
                  War in Heaven I've ever seen.  Christopher Walken plays
                  the Archangel Gabriel who leads a second rebellion in
                  Heaven because he can't accept the fact that God has
                  granted salvation to a bunch of sinful, talking monkeys.
                  I noticed that Malachi has black fingernails, and in the
                  Prophecy, Lucifer had black nails.  In the lackluster
                  sequel, all the angels except Gabe have black fingernails.
                  I'd love to see a mod or something that uses voice samples
                  from the Prophecy to replace Malachi's voice.  At least
                  this would give him some sort of personality.
                  In Nomine: The Roleplaying Game.  One of the more
                  interesting RPGs out there, IN is about the war between
                  Angels and Demons.  Players can either be Angelic or
                  Diabolical, and the game world addresses certain issues
                  about spirituality and such.  A must read for anyone
                  interested in "spiritual warfare".
                  "This Present Darkness" by Frank Peretti.  An interesting
                  look at spiritual warfare, written by an evangelical
                  christian.  I've only read a little bit of this, but I
                  found the concepts interesting.
                  THE MATRIX:  'nuff said.

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