SCSI vs SCSI 2 Scanners for Macs

I have a Mac PowerPC 5400/180 and would like to connect a scanner to it. I note in the sales lit that some SCSI scanners operate in SCSI 2. This is an apparent higher sppeed connection over old SCSI.

My question is,can I successfully connect a SCSI 2 scanner to my "old" Mac PowerPC 5400/180 or am I relegated to using only "old" SCSI scanners.
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yes you can.... scsi has its own bios and dosent need any special compatibility with your existing hardware.

chances are though you wont need the scsi-2 speeds unless your really crankin out some REAL high quality stuff... biggest scan i ever did was at 2000dpi and it was a 58mb image...
and a high speed transfer was not needed at all cause it took so long to scan... now if you have a nice scanner like a $10,000
agfa then why not. ;)

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