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I have installed cable modem on my win 98 pc. I would like to add it to my sparc 5 solaris 2.7. Is this possible? If so please let me know how a can do this? Will I need a hub? Currently I have a modem connect on my sparc. The sparc does have a network card and IP address.

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In theory this should be easy:

1. Just add another nic into the window 98 box and set it up as some unpropagated network address.

2. Configure the unix system as the same network as the new nic.

3. Setup a default gateway on the unix system to point to the nic on the 98 box.

As I said this should work.... But there is a problem with using Win98. First it has no real routing ability and doesn't handle 2 nics very well. When I tried to do what you are doing I finally ended up putting the cable modem on the unix system and then use squid to act as a proxy for the other nodes on the network. This worked like a champ. (If you cable modem provider supports Unix. If not Windows NT server will work as well)

Probably not the solution you are looking for and if there is anyone out there who has been able to get this to work with Windows 98 I too would be interested.

do you mean that you want to connect both machines using a modem?
I'm going to start by assuming that you have an ethernet-based cable modem and not a USB-based one.

The difficulty of this depends on whether or not both of your systems have been assigned IP addresses by the same company.  If you're using two ISPs, one for the cable modem, and one for the modem, it gets ugly.  The reason for this is that cable modems generally behave somewhat like switches, and are likely to filter out unknown IPs.  If this is the case, you will need to talk to your cable modem provider about obtaining a second IP address.  I think most US cable companies are willing to do this for a small fee ($5/month or so).  I can't speak for other countries.

If however you have a single company providing both services, and both addresses are valid for the cable modem, it is literally as simple as buying a hub, an extra cable, and an inverter cable.  Run the inverter cable from the hub to the cable modem, and the regular ethernet cables from the NICs to the hub.

Despite the comment made by dgrimes, I advise heartily AGAINST attempting to use a dual-NIC setup in Win9x effectively making Win9x your firewall/router.  He has already pointed out some of the disadvantages, and Win9x really wasn't designed for this kind of thing.

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rallardAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I will try this out. I have a IP address on my sparc and will try this before obtaining one from my cable company. They are charging 9.50/month for extra IP.

Just wondering if it is possible to use the same IP (given by cable company) on both pc/win98 and sparc/solaris2.7? Then I could use one or the other but not both at the same time. Not pratical but could save me money!

Also is there any special settings I should be aware of to setup solaris 2.7 for cable ethernet?

rallardAuthor Commented:
Oh yes, I plan on removing my modem if the cable connect works. Will this help?
There should be no problem with using the same IP address on each machine as long as they're not both in use at the same time.  The presence of the modem won't matter, as long as it's not dialed in.

As for special settings, just be sure you know how to use ifconfig and route.
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