I am using IE5.0 and Outlook Express 5.0
Everytime I try sending an HTML email to which I have attached a jpg,tif,bmp
etc. I get the following error msg:

MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in
module KERNEL32.DLL at 015f:bff7a128.
EAX=0170532c CS=015f EIP=bff7a128 EFLGS=00010206
EBX=0046b5e4 SS=0167 ESP=00beda7c EBP=00bedab0
ECX=616b736e DS=0167 ESI=0046b004 FS=12e7
EDX=6559203a ES=0167 EDI=0170590c GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
89 51 08 8b 53 08 8b 43 04 8d 8b 0b 10 00 00 c1
Stack dump:
00bedab0 0046b004 00400000 00000000 bff7b30e 00400000 0046b004 000005e0 00000200 0046931c 004692d8 00000000 0046b004 00befae4 7ff314db 00400000

After which I receive the error msg
which states that I have preformed and
illegal.......and the program is closed.

Please advise me what action I can take. If it's necessary to reinstall
Outlook Express supply me with the URL.

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Hi Matawan,

The following from MSKB might apply to you (virus), but the article states some possible actions to remove it:


Hope this helps,

If that doesn't help, here is another article about the same error message, but it applies to the quit-event.
But there is a remedy inside by re-installing the wsock32.dll file, maybe worth a try ??


matawanAuthor Commented:
Good morning Calacuccia,

You hit the nail right on the head!!!
I've received that "Happy99" several times and opened it more than once. In the NOTE they state that I will have to extract a clean copy of Wsock32.dll. I
read the second article regarding the
extraction of a file from my Windows98
CD-ROM but I have to admit that this is way over my head technically.

Could you suggest any place where I could download Wsock32.dll or know anyone who might have it and be willing to email it to me?  

I really appreciate all your help.

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Hi Bob,

I don't have time right now (too busy at work), but I will take a look tonight at Home,

Till later,

Hi Bob,

I suggest you first try the method proposed in the first article. In there they state that the original and uncorrupted wsock32.dll is still in the system directory but has the name: wsock32.ska.

There to ways to do this:

1) Microsoft suggest pressing the Ctrl key during Windows 98 start-up, followed by a start-up in Safe Mode Command Prompt Only.

Then you get the command line and type sequentially following commands:

cd windows\system
copy liste.ska c:\windows\desktop\liste.txt
del ska.dll
del ska.exe
ren wsock32.dll wsock32.old
copy wsock32.ska wsock32.dll

Afterwards, you run reboot and run a normal start-up and problems should be fixed.

2) If you don't succeed in getting the Safe Mode Command Prompt Only mode, I suggest to do the following (same operations, but in Windows Explorer):

- Start the computer as normal
- Open the Windows Explorer
- Go to c:\windows\system
- Copy the liste.ska file to the c:\windows\desktop directory and rename it to liste.txt (you might want to take a look at this file afterwards)
- Delete both files ska.exe and ska.dll (still under c:\windows\system)
- Rename the wsock32.dll file to wsock32.old (if there is already a file named this way, use wsock32.ol2)
- Copy the wsock32.ska file to wsock32.dll
- Now restart the computer as normal and look if problems are fixed

3) If this doesn't work, take a look at the properties of the actual wsock32.ska files (right-click when file selected, properties, tab version) and check the version and date.

I could send you my wsock32.dll, it ports following information:

BSD Socket API for Windows

If your version is not too different, it could be worth a try (in that case, just give me the mail-adress).

But once again, I really suggest you first try the MS proposed actions, as I believe strongly there is no need to re-install wsock32.dll, it should still be in correct format on your drive, just follow the a.m. suggestions.

Good Luck and Let me Know,

Additional info,

after having succesfully removed the virus (hopefully), take a look at the liste.txt file, it should contain a list of all e-mail adresses to which the virus was sent. You could use this info to prevent your recipients.

ANother thing, have you succeeded in finding the windows98 cb-directory ??

Possible places to look:


On your CD-rom e:\windows\cabs

When found, do you see a "precopy1.cab" file. If yes, you can extract it from there by going to the MSDOS-command line, go to the path where the cab-file is located and type the following command:

extract /l c:\temp precopy1.cab wsock32.dll

The wsock32.dll file should be copied to the c:\temp directory (if you don't have one, create it). from there you can copy the file to the windows\system diectory, but make sure to mke a copy of the actual wsock32.dll file first.

Good Luck,


matawanAuthor Commented:
Hi Calacuccia,

SUCCESS!!! Option #1 worked perfectly.
I've tried several emails with attachments and experienced no difficulties.  The list did appear on my desktop and I've forwarded the resolution to each person.

I'm not sure that I completely under-
stand (that's not unusual) your comments under "Additional
info". I went thru FIND and located
percopy1.cab in c:\windows\options\
cabs. Can I/should I deleted this file,
move this file, or just leave it as a keepsake?  Is it necessary that I do
something with it?

Additionally, you have been GREAT in
helping me with this problem. I could never repay you for the time you have spent on my behalf. I just want you to know that it is appreciated. THANKS!


Hi Bob,

glad I helped you out.

The percopy.cab file should absolutely be kept where it is! This folder just contains the basic dll's from your windows installation. What I suggested was in case of not getting out of trouble, to extract the needed dll file from this cab(inet). Just let it where it is, it might still be very helpfull in the future.



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matawanAuthor Commented:
This has been an ongoing problem for several months. I had contacted my ISP and they were of no assistance. calacuccia provided the correct answer.
He/she answered my questions immediately
accurately and in a professional manner.
I commend you ladies and gentlemen for the service provided by this web site
and I offer my personal thanks to

Thanks Bob,

This site is about learning and helping, I am able to help people from time to time, but most of all, I learn from looking and participating in ongoing questions. You are correct, this is a great web site for troubleshooting and everything else you want to know about computers/software.

See You,


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