Installation problems!

Ijust finished building my new comjputer and I have been exposed to a few probems while installing W98.
Windows used to exist on my hardrive before and I need to delete the windows directory because when I re-install it it makes a new directory called windows.000 and still boots off on windows..
1. how do I deleter directories in DOS? do I erase all on my hardrive execpt on directory in DOS? do I rename a directory in DOS


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mikeyd8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
To get around having windows install in the windows.000 directory, there are a few things you need to do.  If you need to keep the DOS directory, go into each directory in the root directory and type deltree *.* .  then delete that directory and continue doing this until the hard drive is clear.

cd windows.00
deltree *.*
cd ..
rd windows.000

cd progra~1
deltree *.*
cd ..
rd progra~1

Note: Deleting the progra~1 directory in dos deletes your program files directory in windows.  Unless you plan to reinstall everything (Which if you have to reinstall windows, you'll have to do anyway) don't delete this directory or at least get your saved files from it before you delete.
If you don't need anything previously installed, just format your hard drive and start fresh.
I seem to recall that the MOVE command can be used under DOS to rename directories
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