I am currently now designing an application that is using ODBC as an interface. My database is MS Access. And i'm using Visual C++ to developed my front end application. I developed my front end application using the app wizard and connect it to the data source through the ODBC.

The problem i am facing right now is how do i retrieve more than one record from the recorset that belong to a particular table and move them to another table automatically.

For intance table A and Table B.

In table A i want to retrive all those records that meets the criteria. For instance :

Between monday to friday.

I want to take all those records from monday - Friday in table A to table B.
After that i want to delete all those record in table A.


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Vinayak KumbarSr Program ManagerCommented:

U can use MoveFirst(), MoveNext() functions for that. And to check the end of file U can put it in a while loop.

If the m_CCmd is the data table variable

//Open the table

//Get the record count

//Start looping
 //Retrieve the record


u can use the filter to get the only required recors.
Or u can pass the SQL query to Open() to get the records u want.

Try it out.
Hi euqene007

There are two ways basically U can do it
Using SQL statement like SELECT * FROM tab1 WHERE cond1 AND cond2

Use this Recordset to add new Records to tab2 like
ExecuteSQL("INSERT INTO tab2
    SELECT *
        FROM tab1
            WHERE day = 'Friday'")

2.U can use m_strFilter Variable for tab1 which filters the records as UR condition and use it in while(!tab1.IsEOF()){
//Add to tab2;
using tab2.AddNew();
I think the First method is better.

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Sorry I forgot

use the same recordset to delete the records

Or use the SQL statement
DELETE FROM tab1 WHERE day = 'Friday'
eugene007Author Commented:
You guys did your best...and i really appreciate your help...be blessed...i did not know that i could also grade you guys.heheh....:).
eugene007Author Commented:
void CODBC6View::OnButton1()
  ("INSERT INTO [table2] SELECT * FROM  
  [table1] WHERE [Students_named]  
  = 'Ali'");
  ("DELETE FROM [table1] WHERE  
  [Students_named] = 'Ali'");

In this program i am inserting a record from table1 to table2. I am performing two operation at the same time. But it seems that when i execute this portion of the program the record from the table 1 is deleted but no records is being inserted into table2. I am not sure why is this problem accuring.
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