Windows 98 wont Boot UP

I have a P III/ 450 MHZ system which was working fine till about an hour or so ago. All I did was to try to install Norton SYstem works 2.0 and do speed disk etc. After I finished successfully defrag, optimization of registry etc.. when I tried to reboot, it started giving me the error "Invalid system disk, replace and try" or words to that affect. Prior to this I had never encountered such problems.
My system has CD rom boot capability so I tried to boot using my Norton disk which works fine but it is in dos and all I can do is run Norton tests.. and they report nothing.
Now I am regretting for trying to fix something with Norton, when everything was working fine.
Any help is appreciated. What should I do now to get back into WIndows again?
Thanks in advance.
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abragerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First, boot from the CD-ROM.  When it looks like this:


(or something like it), type


and press enter.  It'll look like nothing happened.  Try rebooting without your CD-ROM.  It should work.

If it doesn't:

Boot from the Windows CD-ROM instead of the Norton CD-ROM.  Type "setup".  You should be able to re-install windows without losing your document files.
falcon051997Author Commented:
comment abraqer:

Thanks for a quick reply.
First please clarify what "Fdisk /MBR" does. Becuase I am afraid that the moment I type Fdisk it will erase everything on my hard disk etc.

Next when I boot using Norton CD-rom. it directly goes into the NORTON Utilities (DOS) screen and all i can do there is do the diagnostics. NO dos prompt like D:>.

So instead shall try to use some bootable diskette which might let me boot into DOS?

After I get further clarification, i shall try your suggestion.
I am eagerly waiting for your reply.!

FDISK /MBR just changes the master boot record.  Nothing will be erased.

Yes, try from a disk.
falcon051997Author Commented:
Everything is working fine now. The Fdisk /MBR did not work though. But I could use the Windows CD-rom boot to start setup from win. 98 cd-rom and now everything is fine.
I really wonder what happened.
Anyway. I rate your answer as exellent.
While installing the win98.. i had one problem. Since it is not fair to ask that one here.. i am posing it as a new question. Hope you will answer.
Thanks again.
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