Basic NT/Linux conflict

I know that there is a problem between the NT MBR and the Linux MBR.  NT wants to be the boss.  Will I have this problem loading Linux/NT/98 on the same HDD?  If so how do I steer clear?
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vvijaykConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey, there's no such thing as "NT wants to be the boss"!! Its what you want to make as the boss. I have configured numerous PC's having both NT and Linux using the procedure I described earlier. Of course, Linux and NT cant reside in the same partition since Linux doesnt properly work with NTFS (even in 6.1). There is support for NTFS in Linux but its quite risky to use it. Its recommended to mount NTFS partitions as read-only.
   As far as NT MBR is considered there's nothing evil abt it. The actual booting up of NT (with those options) is NOT in the MBR but in its root dir. So NT and Win95 have the similar signatures in the MBR. Ah yes, make sure in your BIOS u havent enabled "Virus Warning" else the BIOS wont allow anything to be written in the MBR.
The way i did it was to let the NTLDR reside in MBR, put the LILO on the drive containing Linux. NTLDR will pick up W98 automatically (as long as you install Win9x before NT)
I suggest the following procedure. Install Win 98 and/or NT first. Then install Linux , putting LILO in the MBR. When you boot up LILO will first show up. When u type win or dos or whatever name u gave to the NT/98 partition, it will bring up the NT loader. If u want to goto Linux, type Linux at LILO prompt. I hope the procedure is clear now.
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I couldn't boot the NT partition when LILO were
present on the MBR.  I read the Linux+NT HOWTO
("/usr/doc/HOWTO/mini/Linux+NT-loader"), and
figured out this the complex 10-step-method:

1. Install Linux, and make a bootdisk:
dd if=/vmlinuz of=/dev/fd0
2. Install NT, let it rewrite the MBR.
3. Boot the Linuxdisk from step 1,  and save the
MBR to a file:
dd if=/dev/hda of=nt.mbr count=1 bs=512
4. run "lilo" to rewrite the MBR
lilo -v
5. read the Linux MBR
dd if=/dev/hda of=linux.mbr count=1 bs=512
6. rewrite the NT mbr:
dd if=nt.mbr of=/dev/hda
7. save the linux.mbr-file to the NT partition
mv linux.mbr /mnt/nt/linux.mbr
8. edit the boot.sys-file on the nt-partition, and
insert "linux.mbr" as an option.
You can clearly see how it's done from there.
9. Reboot your system, and check if it works.
You should now have backup copies of the MBR
for NT and Linux, and a rescue disk for Linux.
10. Relax & enjoy.
thwipAuthor Commented:
Not the answer I was looking for.  I konw that there is somekind of evil with the NT MBR and a "simple" install of both OS's is not what I remember.
thwipAuthor Commented:
Ignore my last comment (learning how to use web site).

Skurk, will this method work on L6.1?  I only found the doc you mentioned on 6.0.  I am a newbie, be kind.  Also I was reading that Linux can not read NTFS partition.  Is this still true for 6.1 or is there driver or package now that can break this barrier?

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