Too much RAM?

I am running Win 98 on a Pentium II 400MHz. I just upgraded my RAM to 364, and my net connection to DSL. I have noticed that every once in a while, when I'm surfing, my system gets stuck for a minute or so, and then goes back to normal. I called my ISP and they said that I might have too much RAM and that I should get an utility to optimize the memory usage. Any ideas?
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I wouldn't have more than 256MB in a computer. There is no need. I know that with W95 there was memory management issues with large amounts of RAM over 256MB but I am not sure if 98 addressed this or not.
Oh what I'd give for a DSL connection! Or even ISDN! Australians are being ripped off because Telstra owns the market!
When you have a lot of Ram you may want to consider using Windows NT instead of Windows 98.  They're both essentially the same, except NT is more stable and costs more.

If this isn't an option for you, try this program:

"FreeMem Standard enables you to gain control over your RAM. You can allocate and free any specified amount of memory, which makes Windows 95/98/NT operating systems swap out unused programs and DLLs. The effect is that you get more free RAM, which makes working a lot smoother. It also displays a graphical chart of the amount of free physical RAM you have on your system. This is a freeware program."

You can get it from

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To test if your problem is too much RAM (without opening the case and removing a module).

Go to Start-Programs-Accesseries-System Tools-System Information
From the Tools menu choose System Configuration Utilitiy
Then Click Advanced
Then click Limit Memory To
Press Ok and reboot

Now see if your DSL connection works properly.

Generally I would recommend Windows NT for a system with as much RAM as you have.  However, Windows 2000 Professional will be released on February 17 and I would wait until then to consider that option.
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