sound card

I want to know about the hardware of the sound card and how to process with memory.
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RudolfFraDKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oups. The second adress is this:
How to process WHAT with memory. And what kind of soundcard hardware would you like to know about?
There are some similarities between different soundcards but most of the good brands has their own chipset.
Do you want to know about the principles of how soundcards work in general? Or do you want to know about in what direction the development goes?
There are many modern soundcards with 3D technology for example, you can read about the 3D technology here:
But if you look at this adress, you can find a list of Soundcard manufacturers, and in any of these links you can find a wealth of different explenations of how it works.
But I guess that the most valuabel link is this:
Look under soundcards! - Here you also find links about how to build a soundcard!
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