VB5.0 does not recognise Access 2000

I have an application written in VB5.0 that interogates and updates an Access 97 MDB file. It works fine. I have now upgraded to Access 2000 and the VB frontend returns a message "Unregognised database format error 3343". What do I have to do to make the VB code recognise the 2000 database? Is there something that must be loaded? I guess it is the change to the new Jet engine. What are the implications if I want to use the MSDE engine?
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Yes, you'll have to use the updated DAO dll. I think it is DAO360.dll

Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library
You can download the latest version of MDAC_TYP from:

I've not worked with Access 97 to 2000 conversions however, historically (Access 2 to 95 and 95 to 97) MS provided a compatability library, e.g. "Microsoft DAO 2.5/3.0 Compatibility Library" or "Microsoft DAO 2.5/3.51 Compatibility Library".  This allowed the developer to use an upgraded version of Access while maintaining code based on a previous version's object model.  If you have access to the MS Office 2000 Resource Kit, you might want to see if this this library is included.  Good luck!
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Caraf is right - You'll need to use the Jet 3.6 engine. It can open Access 97 and Access 2000 databases. Data controls aren't fully Access 2000 compliant yet though.

I think the current version of the MDAC_Typ provides Jet 4.0 which is compatible to both ACcess 97 and 2000

cdvAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all. I think you are all on the right track. Problem is I can't get it to work. This is what I have done:

Ran DCOM98.EXE to load V1.3.

Installed MDAC 2.1.24203 by running MDAC_typ.exe.


Ran REGSVR32.EXE DAO360.DLL. I got a successfully registered message.

I still get the same unrecognised database message. Is there something I should be doing in my VB program to get it to look at the new DLL?

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From the project menu, choose references, VB will present a list of friendly names for the libraries registered on your PC.  Choose the one that corresponds with this version of DAO (it'll be the highest versioned one) and choose OK.  If you don't see the new library on the list, browse to where you copied dao360.dll and choose it.  Happy hunting!

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cdvAuthor Commented:
Thanks. This is the bit that I was missing. It now works 100%. My problem has been solved by the first answer that pointed me to DAO36 and now your answer on how to activate it. Ideally you should share the points
I don't mind, marcj1 gave you a lot of help, so the points are well deserved.

If you do insist you want to give me some points, you can always post a "dummy" question. "X Points for caraf_g"


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