OpenLinux 2.3 Install.

I am trying to install OpenLinux 2.3 from my hard disk, complete install files on my Win95 Partition.

Using both Lizard and Lisa installs.

I have a Win95, Native Linux and Swap File Partition (Using Partition Magic).

Using Lisa Install Disks everything works till I specify my /mnt/linux this mounts then xfree packages setup shows after Swap and Linux Partition is formated.

When it goes to install the rpms it says can't locate /linux/col/install/rpms/*.rpms (*=name of the first rpm).

The files including the rpms are all there in the right directories in the Win95 Partition, I checked using dos and windows explorer and also using sh from floppy after successfully mounting vfat.

Please advise.


(Stumped) pgime.

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grudConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The version of lisa shipped with 1.3 is not able to automate the configuration of lilo with FAT32. There is an update of lisa to v3.1 available that reconizes Win95/98 FAT32 partitions. It is available from the ftp site at: 

The only problem with this is that you are trying to install from vfat, you need to use a non-destructive repartitioning utility to resize your vfat partition down until you have enough free space on your drive to create a new fat16 partition and then format this and move your install files to it. Run the install from there.
This should work.
Caldera OpenLinux ships with a utility in /col/tools/fips/untested/fips-1.5c directory of the cd. which will resize your partitions for you.
If you have critical data on your disk you must perform a backup before using this software.

Good luck
hey try a text based install if possible and then give the right path
Did you copy this from another CD?  What kind of permissions did you give to the rpms when you copied them to your hard drive?  I would make sure all the rpms have execute permission on them.      
Is your win95 partition mounted as drwx------ ?  Do you have read and execute permission on the files on your '95 partition?
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