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do i need this program

i would like to know how to input my ip address and my dns in to my comfig i have tryed to do it like the man says but it still dont work ?

i have roadrunner and they can only give me the numbers they dont know how to put them in and red hat tells me that they dont help with putting dns in they just walk you threm the area you are suppose to put it in and i done that but my internet
i have my modem hoked to my unix machine and i want to get out?later i would like to setup a proxy server so the windows machine wich  is a diff computer on my netork to be able to use the modem off the unic machine?
i am in east mass location if that helps

if you can help me direct plz email ma at alimiki@hotmail.com thank you

thank you and plz help im verry new and i want to know all i can
1 Solution
Try reading the HOWTOs and man pages, also the HTML help. You will have the Network Administrator's guide on your Cd or in /usr/doc if you installed it.
your questions are framed confusingly so if you could please clarify exactly what you want to do, it will be easier for us to help.
Please clarify what is it u exactly want, one by one. Ur questions r so confusing !!
perhaps SAMBA is what you are looking for. You can setup your
linux box as a SMB (service message block) compatible file server or as a client, too.
Connect your modem to the linux box. With forwarding/gate-
waying and masquerading abilities copiled into your kernel
you'll be able to access the internet with both boxes

Good luck!
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alimikiAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
First, what dist are you using?
Secon, what do you really want to achieve?
(to be able to resolve names with your ISP DNS servers?)

How have you configured everything? Has the Linux box it's own modem or is it supposed to connect through a Windoze machine?


alimikiAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
alimikiAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
You really should do some reading to clarify what it is you would like to accomplish.  In order to get internet access set up for just your unix box, you will need to use your network configuration control panel.  You need to install and activate the correct interface (eth0 for cable modem or ppp0 for analog modem) and have your ip address, gateway, name servers, and hosts set up correctly.  

In order to get your other winblows machines to access the internet, you just need ipchains set up.  This is also relatively simple to do.  You don't even really need a proxy server (squid) set up at all, unless you feel it is really neccessary for caching, etc.  

Try the following:

for the internet access shares.

Good luck.
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