How to find out the value for Timeout in Oracle


I want know where the parameter is stored in the oracle database for  - the maximum time for which the oracle server waits for obtaining a lock (incase of dead locks etc).

Can I modify this parameter?
(I think the param is TIMEOUT_ON_RESOURCE)

Thanks in advace.
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For SQL Statements there isn't one.  You either request the lock with NOWAIT, in which case you either succeed or get an error indicating you couldn't get the lock immediately, or else you wait forever.

Local deadlocks do not time out, they are proactively discovered and one requestor is rolled back.

The only timeouts are for distributed queries, and for certain PL/SQL operations, i.e. CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY.  (And for SQL*Net connections.)


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bssarnmaAuthor Commented:


How do I see where the time out value is specified?? (for distributed queries / PL/sql operations).

Can I modify this value??

The parameter


controls distributed timeouts -- any transaction that needs to lock remote resources will give up if no lock is obtained after this many seconds.  

You set it in your INIT.ORA file.  Inspect its current setting in the table


PL/SQL uses a named exception, TIMEOUT_ON_RESOURCE, which maps to ORA-00051, that is as far as I know not configurable.

bssarnmaAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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