Setting up a terminal/print server on home network

I currently run Mandrake 6.1 on a Pentium 200 with a CD-ROM and I have a home network setup.  I have a 486DX with 24MB of RAM and about 250MB of disk space- no CD-ROM that I want to convert into a separate terminal to the Pentium linux box, and also a print server for a parallel port LaserJet printer.  I've checked out the Beowulf, NFS, NIS, HOW-TO's and they seem like overkill or very general for what I want to do.  I also have two other window machines on the network.  I would like them to be able to send print jobs to the printer.  Can anyone help me with a solution?  One more thing, my home netowork is behind a diskless firewall/router so security is not too much of an issue.  Thanks.
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In fact theres not one single solution...
-For setting up a printer on linux that can be used from a Windows
box you'll need to install a SAMBA server with minimal
-For sharing password and group entries on your linux boxes you'll
need a NIS/YP server-client configuration.
- For sharing the /home directory on yout linux boxes you'll need
- Sharing printers on unix systems is a standard thing ... See
 man pages for lpd. On the server set up your printer as usual
On the linux client you'll need to setup two printers: A 'normal'
one and a remote one.

Pentium200: NFS server (exports /home)
                      NIS server (exports password/group entries)
                      lpd with two queues (LaserJet, remote)
486DX:  SAMBA server (exports Microsoft compatible printer share)
              NFS client (imports /home)
              NIS client  (imports password/group entries)
             lpd with one queue (LaserJet)

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sirwnstnAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the pointers.  Would you know of any other information (links, books, papers, etc.) in addition to the NFS, NIS, and printer HOW-TO's that I could look at?
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