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I'm running out of room on my 2MB drive where my operating system is located. How do I make use of my 8MB drive?
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bruce_steynConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Firstly, I presume you mean 2Gigabyte and 8Gigabyte drives.

The first thing you can do to increase the space on your 2Gb drive is to delete all your temporary files. These can often add up to quite a large amount of space if they have never been deleted.

If using NT then goto c:\temp and delete all files in that folder....make sure you don't have any applications running at the time of deletion. You will be warned that this might affect certain programs if deleted....ignore this...just delete them all.

In Win95/98 I think the Temp folder is also off the root...if it is not then it will be in the windows directory...c:\windows\temp do the same as for NT.

Then in order to make a bit more space you can move all data or archive files to your 8Gb drive....this means any files that you know of that are standalone and are not part of any applications installation...you do not want to move application files around. This can only be done for files that you have copied to the 2Gb drive yourself and can be run/used on their own.

Also...all new software that is to be installed....install to your 8Gb drive and not the 2Gb drive. You could also un-install one or 2 applications from the 2Gb drive and re-install them onto the 8Gb drive. Just about every type of software out there lets you modify the installation target drive and directory.

If you do all or some of the above your problems will be solved.

Good luck

2 or 8 Mb ?   - > 2 Go / 8Go.

Give more details.
OS : win 98 ?

RADT99Author Commented:
Thanks alot.  I did mean GB.  I was afraid to move around too many applications but you've given me some suggestions.  I have been installing new software onto the larger drive.
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